VIDEO REVIEW – Will the Honda HR-V hybrid finally be another hit for Honda?

From a design point of view, Honda is going in the wrong direction with the HR-V. The first generation Honda HR-V from 1998 is a design icon, the second from 2013 a handsome, most distinctive car, and this third … well … a meaningless SUV that could have been from any other brand. What qualities does the diminutive appearance of the HR-V hide? Our colleagues from RTL Autowereld went looking.

VIDEO REVIEW - Will the Honda HR-V hybrid finally be a hit for Honda again?

At first glance, there is little startling about the design of the Honda HR-V. And he needs that in the fiercely contested segment of the middle class SUVs. Compare the Honda with, for example, the new Nissan Qashqai. Although it has an evolutionary design, it radiates its Nissan identity in an attractive way.

New Honda HR-V has few superfluous lines

Now you could say that Honda has little identity, but the Japanese brand can design cars. Look at the adorable Honda E and the countless super cute models coming to Japan like the Honda N-Box and the Honda S660 Roadster. The design of the Honda HR-V is mainly clean, with few superfluous lines. The most striking element of the SUV is the vertical grille with the pinching headlights.

Only on the market with hybrid powertrain

The Honda HR-V always has a hybrid powertrain, with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 131 hp and 253 Nm. That is not very much for an SUV that weighs almost 1400 kilos. If you floor the accelerator, you have to wait more than 10 seconds before the needle needle passes 100 km/h. If you don’t try that and you hold back a bit, you should end up with a consumption of 1 to 18.

Old HR-V from 29,970 euros, new from 34,360 euros

Honda offers the HR-V from 34,360 euros. The delivery program is very clear. There is only one engine variant, which can be ordered in one of three versions. The base model is called Elegance. For the Advance and Advance Style you pay 36,860 and 39,360 euros respectively. The ‘old’ Honda HR-V is also still in the price list, for a starting price of 29,970 euros.

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