Volkswagen Caddy California ready for the holidays

Volkswagen has presented a camper based on the new fifth generation Caddy. We welcome: the Caddy California.

Volkswagen shared a few design sketches in July on which the brand showed the new camping version of the Caddy. That camper based on the new fifth-generation Caddy simply seemed to be called Caddy Mini-Camper, although Volkswagen now simply presents the camping version to the world as Caddy California. A well-known name.

Not only the name of the new Caddy California is an old acquaintance, the concept is also completely as before. That means that this new Caddy California is in fact a mini camper. The little brother of the California and Grand California converted into a camper van, is just like the short version of the regular Caddy 4.5 meters long and will be on the market before the end of the year. If that version seems too tight, you have to be patient. Next year will be a California version of the 4.85 meter long Caddy Maxi.


The Caddy California has a fold-out bed that is 1.98 meters long and 1.07 meters wide. In its predecessor, the second row of seats was still part of the bed construction. That is no longer the case. It is necessary to leave the second row at home if you want to stay in the new Caddy California. If desired, the camper can be equipped with a miniscule kitchen unit that you can slide out of the rear of the Caddy California. It includes a gas burner, a windshield, a cutlery drawer and various storage options. The presence of the kitchen unit makes it possible to actually register the Volkswagen as a camper. The rear side windows can be covered with luggage bags that can each hold up to 5 kilos of stuff. The front side windows can be covered with curtains. New is the option to have a large glass panoramic roof with a surface area of ​​1.4 square meters installed. That will be star gazing!

Other furniture has also been considered. Volkswagen, for example, supplies two camping chairs and a fold-out table that can easily be slid under the bed. Volkswagen also supplies a tent that can be attached to the Caddy California, which can also be used without the camper. The tent itself offers sleeping space for two people.

The new Caddy California comes on the market with 75 hp and 122 hp TDI diesel engines. In time, a version with 4Motion all-wheel drive will be available. The price is not yet known.

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