‘Volkswagen ID.3 summer launch still in danger’

The Volkswagen ID.3 should be the flagship of Volkswagen’s electro-offensive. The introduction of this first model from the ID series is planned for next summer, but worrying messages are popping up again in Germany.

‘Volkswagen ID.3 summer launch still in danger’
ID.3 to become available for order in April

On paper, the Volkswagen ID.3 is ready to storm the Dutch market. A range of 330 to 550 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle and prices ‘comparable to those of comparable cars with a combustion engine’. With these figures Volkswagen also hopes to reach the masses with an EV. From next summer it must become clear whether it is a golden hold, but then it must first be possible to have the cars ready by then.

In recent months, there have been regular reports that a major software issue is jeopardizing the release date. Volkswagen would work hard on a solution. Last month, at least the Dutch importer was not worried. A possible delay would not be the case at that time. Now Manager Magazin, who previously reported problems with ID.3 production, reports that the end of the problems is still not in sight. In the meantime there would be ‘many people in top management doubt whether it will work out before the summer’. There would also have been layoffs.

The basic architecture of the software in ID.3 would have been “too hasty”, Manager Magazin concludes from conversations with sources within Volkswagen. As a result, various aspects of it would not communicate well and fail. Prototypes are in full test, but it is reported that ‘up to 300 problems a day’ are occurring. According to the insiders, the introduction delay can be up to a year. ‘A team of 10,000 people’ is working on a solution.

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