Volkswagen Polo Robust is especially for the countryside

Farmer’s Polo

Volkswagen Polo Robust

You normally don’t see the Volkswagen Polo next to the asphalt, but this version should change that. This is the Volkswagen Polo Robust, a raised version of the Polo Track, especially for the Brazilian countryside.

Here at we regularly look (far) beyond the Dutch borders, because interesting things are happening all over the world in the automotive field. Today we take a look at the Brazilian market, because there the population is introduced to a special Volkswagen Polo. It bears the name Volkswagen Polo Robust and, in short, it is a more adventurous version of the Polo Track. But wait, what is the Polo Track again? In November 2022, Volkswagen do Brasil presented it as a cheaper alternative to the regular (Novo) Polo, which is also available in Brazil. In addition to a much more limited standard equipment, it also differs from the Polo with a slightly larger grille, larger headlights and a different hood. By the way, it still has the rear lights – just like the regular Polo in Brazil – in the shape we knew them here before the facelift.

Well, back to the Volkswagen Polo Robust. That one is even more peculiar. It is one step higher than the Polo Track, especially for the rougher terrain on which it will often be found. After all, the Polo Robust has to hold its own in the Brazilian countryside and there is no excess of asphalt there. Unfortunately we don’t get to see it all, but a ‘grille protector’, vinyl seat covers, rubber floor mats and a rubber trunk mat are available as desired. So, if all goes well, it certainly doesn’t have to be handled with kid gloves. Volkswagen do Brasil will sell it directly to farmers, which will undoubtedly make it a lot more fiscally attractive than the already cheaper Polo Track. Perhaps unnecessarily: in the Netherlands you do not have to count on the Volkswagen Polo Robust. Shame?

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