Volkswagen: ‘Popularity of SUVs over’

Although there seems to be no end to the popularity of SUVs, Volkswagens boss Herbert Diess predicts a quick end for the segment. The rise of the electric car is the big reason for that.

Herbert Diess makes the remarkable statement according to the Volkskrant against the Financial Times. It is remarkable, because last year Volkswagen stated that in 2025 half of all cars sold would be SUVs. Not surprising, since since 2008 the sale of SUVs has increased by around 300 percent. Many brands even wave other body styles, such as MPVs, for a wider choice of SUVs. The Volkswagen Group, for example, brought the Sharan and Seat Alhambra out of the showroom. Diess, however, now returns to its earlier prediction and expects SUVs to become less popular in the coming years.

According to him, the rise of the EV is the big reason. The raised carriage ensures a less favorable air resistance. In addition, SUVs weigh on average much more than regular models. Diess: “You lose a lot of action radius in a large SUV.” Funnily enough, the next electric car from Volkswagens ID family is still an SUV. After all, the lower ID.3 will soon be followed by the higher ID.4. Tesla is also adding a (compact) SUV to its delivery range next month. However, time will have to learn how the market will develop further thereafter.

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