Walking stability – this is how your iPhone prevents you from falling

When you carry your iPhone in your trouser or jacket pocket, it can measure your walking stability and send a notification when it decreases. We’ll show you how to set this up.

Set walking stability

The Walking Stability function has been available since iOS 15. If you have enabled the function, the Health app monitors your balance, strength and gait and determines your stability from this. With low walking stability you have a higher risk of falling. This is how you set it:

  1. Open the Health app;

  2. Tap your photo at the top right;

  3. Tap ‘Health Checklist’;

  4. Make sure ‘Stability notifications’ are enabled.

walking stability

View your Walking Stability

If the Stability Notifications are enabled and you have not received a notification, then your stability is probably fine. But if you want, you can also view your scores at your leisure. To do this, go to the Health app again. Tap ‘Data’ in the bottom right, then ‘Mobility’, scroll down a bit and tap ‘Walking Stability’.

By default you see the data from the past month. Using the buttons at the top you can also choose the past six months or the past year. If you scroll further down, you will see exercises that can improve your stability. There you will also find the option ‘Show all data’, which allows you to view specific periods in more detail.

stability data

Three different levels

Your Walking Stability has one of three levels: Normal, Low and Very Low. The lower your score, the higher the risk of having a crash in the next twelve months.

The function is separate from Fall Detection on your Apple Watch. Fall detection only registers when you have fallen and then alerts the emergency services and any contact persons. It says nothing about the risk that you may fall.

walking stability

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