Watch Apple event 2022 – are you ready for ‘Peek Performance’?

The next Spring Apple event will take place tonight at 7:00 PM. Apple will probably present a new Mac, the iPhone SE 2022 and an iPad Air, and more exciting revelations will undoubtedly follow. This is how you watch the livestream of the spring event 2022!

Watch Livestream Apple Event Spring 2022

Tonight our eyes are mainly focused on the new iPhone SE 2022. We also expect a new iPad Air and we may also see an upgrade for the current MacBook Pro or Mac mini. The event will go live at 7:00 PM (Dutch time). We have been writing about this event for several weeks and are aware of all the latest rumors. Read more about our expectations here.

Tonight we see another virtual presentation. The public is (unfortunately) not invited. The Cupertino company makes a slick video in advance. This will be broadcast from 19:00 and we expect it to last until about 20:00 or 20:30. The Apple event can be viewed on YouTube via the live stream above. This will remain on our website at all times. You are in the right place to view the event on this page!

Apple event livestream via the Apple website

The Apple ‘Peek Performance’ event can be viewed live on YouTube or via the official Apple website. That’s how you do that:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 9+ (via this link
  • Mac with Safari on macOS 10.11+ (via this link
  • PC with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (via this link
  • Google Chrome/Firefox on other devices (via this link
Apple logo event 2022

Watch Spring Apple Event 2022 live on Apple TV

Apple’s revelations can also be viewed live on an Apple TV. With the latest versions, watch the event through the official Apple TV app. You do not need to install this, but you will automatically see it on your home screen.

With an Apple TV 2 (from 2010) and Apple TV 3 (from 2012) you can see the event via a special channel, which appears automatically around 19:00. With the first generation Apple TV (from 2007) it is unfortunately impossible to watch the event. You should then do it via your iPhone or, for example, your MacBook.

Stay informed via iPhoned

Of course does iPhoned report of the Apple event! On the website we will inform you in detail about all announcements from Apple. Also follow our channels to stay informed: On facebook can you talk to others about the announcements, with the iPhoned app you will receive push notifications and we will also inform you as soon as possible about the latest news in our newsletter.

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