Watch trends autumn 2023

The watch trends for autumn 2023 are mainly modest. Matte and natural colors, the return to classic watches and more gold. In previous seasons we saw different trends for women and men, this season the differences are smaller. Whether you are looking for a watch for yourself or for someone else, you will always look good with these trendy Techzle favorites that we have spotted for you at the autumn watch fair!

The watch trend for this autumn: classic watches for women and men

While in previous years we were inundated with new smartwatch models, in 2023 we will see that many watch brands are now leaving this to tech giants such as Garmin, and are withdrawing from this market to focus on what they can really do well: classic watches to make. The watch trend for this autumn is classic watches for women and men.

Orient Bambino RA-AC0P01E10B
▴Orient Bambino RA-AC0P01E10B

Olympic Tilly OL66DDL009
▴ Olympic Tilly OL66DDL009

Bulova Wilton 97B210
▴ Bulova Wilton 97B210

Watch trends for men

The watch trends for men of autumn/winter 2023 include classic watches, many sporty collaborations and watches with integrated straps.

Classic skeleton and open heart watches

Skeleton watches are a separate category within classic watches. The beautiful, openwork automatic movement is a treat for enthusiasts of watch technology. The open heart watch – where part of the movement is visible through an opening in the dial – is also well represented this season.

Sporting collaborations

Watch brands often sponsor sporting events and this season we see a number of interesting collaborations such as Certina and the Copa Padel or Casio Edifice and Honda Racing.

Integrated watch straps

Tissot has been a trendsetter for a few years with the very popular PRX watches. These watches have an integrated case and strap, making it seem as if the watch is one whole. This fall, Tissot will release a digital version of this bestseller series.
Other watch brands are now also launching men’s watches with integrated straps. For example, the also very popular Citizen Tsuyosa watches.

Fossil Townsman skeleton ME3259
▴ Fossil Townsman skeleton ME3259

Certina DS-8 C0338512109700
▴ Certina DS-8 C0338512109700

Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0150-81X
▴Citizen Tsuyosa NJ0150-81X

Watch trends for women

The watch trends for women of autumn/winter 2023 are the return of the link bracelet, gold watches and warm, natural colors.

More gold watches and warm, natural colors

Although rose gold and bicolor women’s watches remain as popular, we are seeing a return to the color gold in the collections. Gold combines beautifully with the warm, natural colors that define the palette for this season. So two birds with one stone.

Link straps instead of mesh straps

What is striking is that the gold watches are usually completely gold, so they have a gold-colored metal strap. In 2023, this is increasingly a link belt in contrast to the mesh belt that we often saw in recent years, for example at Cluse Gracieuse.

Calvin Klein Shape 25200336
▴ Calvin Klein Shape 25200336

Michael Kors MK4725
▴ Michael Kors MK4725

Cluse la Fluette CW11507
▴ Cluse la Fluette CW11507

Jacques du Manoir JWN01703 Inspiration Business
▴ Jacques du Manoir JWN01703 Inspiration Business

Watch colors fall 2023

The fashion color of spring 2023 was undoubtedly Tiffany or duck egg blue. This trend was the prelude to a new season with the color green in the leading role.

Tommy Hilfiger Dexter 1792085
▴ Tommy Hilfiger Dexter 1792085

Lorus RL443BX9
▴Lorus RL443BX9

Danish Design Pico IV32Q1271
▴ Danish Design Pico IV32Q1271

In addition to green, the color range of watches and jewelry is full of friendly natural shades. Colors of cases, straps and dials are matt and softer. For example, soft gray, brown, bronze and amber.

Hugo Boss Top 1514094
▴ Hugo Boss Top 1514094

Fossil Raquel ES5303
▴ Fossil Raquel ES5303

Hamilton Pan Europ H35435820
▴ Hamilton Pan Europ H35435820

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