Way too old: Apple is ending support for these iPhones

Apple has updated its list of ‘too old’ products to include a number of iPhones and iPads. And this now includes a particularly popular iPhone model. Do you have that model? Then now is the time for a new iPhone.

List of old appliances

Did you know that Apple a list does the company keep track of which devices still require support? This list is based on the age and popularity of devices. Now Apple has updated the list again and of course a number of products have now become ‘outdated’ or ‘vintage’. In the first category you will no longer receive support and repairs at all, in the second category repairs are possible as long as the stock of replacement parts lasts. But which devices are now outdated and vintage?

iPad mini 4 is ‘vintage’

Apple has now classified the fourth generation iPad mini as vintage. This category applies to devices that have not been officially sold for more than five years.

Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers may continue to offer repairs for these products for up to two years, subject to the availability of replacement parts. This means that with an iPad mini 4 you still have the option to have it repaired, but only for a limited time.

iPadOS 15.7.4

iPhone 6 Plus is ‘outdated’

Apple has classified the iPhone 6 Plus as ‘obsolete’. As a result, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will no longer offer repairs or hardware service for the iPhone 6 Plus. According to the company’s criteria, a product is considered outdated if it has been seven years since it was last offered for sale.

While the iPhone 6 Plus was discontinued in September 2016, the iPhone 6 remained available from dealers in select countries for a few more years, escaping the “obsolete” label for the time being.

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus, then it is important to look at a new iPhone. The best alternative? An iPhone 15 Plus, of course. Below you will find the best deals.

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Red iPhone 8 is also ‘vintage’

Interestingly, Apple has also included the (Product)RED versions of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in its list of ‘vintage’ products. Other colors of these devices are not yet considered vintage, because they have been available for some time.

Do you have a red iPhone 8 (Plus)? In that case too, it is advisable to slowly look at a new iPhone. In this case we recommend the iPhone 15. Below you will find the best prices.

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