We expect these 3 functions on the Apple Watch soon

According to rumors, a lot is going to change with Apple’s smartwatch. These are three features we expect on the new Apple Watch!

We expect these 3 functions on the Apple Watch

A new Apple Watch will probably arrive this year. According to rumors, quite a few things will change with this smartwatch this year. These are three features we expect on the next Apple Watch!

Apple Watch

New design

Perhaps the most interesting rumor is that Apple is working on a new design for the Apple Watch. The name ‘Apple Watch X’ is already regularly mentioned as a possible name. Apple’s first smartwatch was released in September 2014, so this year marks a 10-year anniversary. Usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman already said that this will be the biggest revision of the Apple Watch ever.

The new design will probably be thinner and there will be a new magnetic system for the Apple Watch straps. This probably means that your old Apple Watch straps can no longer be used on the new Apple Watch.

Blood pressure monitor Apple Watch

Blood pressure monitor

One of the other interesting new features of the Apple Watch is the blood pressure monitor. Apple has long had the blood pressure monitor on its wish list to add to the Apple Watch. News site Bloomberg says that this year the time has finally come.

The first version of the blood pressure monitor will not be able to provide the exact values. Instead, the Apple Watch will show your blood pressure over a longer period of time.

Measuring body temperature (like that on the Apple Watch Series 9) works in much the same way. Apple is working on a system that can provide your exact blood pressure at any time, but it will take a few years before we see anything of that.

watchos sleep

Sleep apnea

Another new feature to expect is sleep apnea detection. According to news site Bloomberg, the Apple Watch will then monitor your breathing while you sleep. Could there be something going on? The Apple Watch will then give you a warning and advise you to consult a doctor.

Apple Watch

Whether an Apple Watch X with all these new features will actually arrive in 2024 remains to be seen. It could of course also be that Apple will first develop the new smartwatch further and then postpone it to 2025.

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