What a load of rubbish and rickety!

Cover Masterplan Health by Jörg Blech

If your joints hurt, you have to take it easy. The brain inevitably deteriorates with age. Heart muscle cells cannot grow back in adults. Really?

Not at all! These are just a few medical myths that are not scientifically supported. Our body is not a machine that wears out inexorably, but a living system that can repair itself.

Medical journalist Jörg Blech has done extensive research. His most important message: exercise is essential for a healthy body. And it is worth starting to exercise even in old age, as a Europe-wide study has shown. Over 1,500 women and men, an average age of 79, took part. They trained their endurance, strength and sense of balance twice a week. Their physical performance was regularly checked – with clearly positive results.

Even moderate exercise not only builds muscles and stabilizes bones, it also strengthens the immune system. Exercise even makes the brain more efficient: Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia occur more frequently in people who have hardly moved since middle age.

Jörg Blech cites many studies and reports on conversations with scientists. His book is a fact-rich medical report that motivates you to fight your inner demons. Uta Altmann

Jörg Blech

Health Master Plan
DVA, 320 p., € 26,–

ISBN 978-3-421-07011-1

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