What is the best IP camera? Top security cameras list

With these best IP cameras, you no longer have to be at home to keep an eye on things.

What is the best IP camera? Review security cameras

Most people value the safety of their home and family the most, so what if we could recommend a single product to ensure that safety ?

Who knows, for example, the Netatmo Presence may deter a potential thief or vandalist – or your dog who mistakes the sofa for a tasty snack. Either way, an evildoer will think twice before targeting your property and family!

The product that I specifically highlight for this is the IP camera. You can read here how it works, what the top 5 of Techzle looks like (and why), and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

#1 Netatmo Presence

Netatmo Presence is the best IP camera of 2022.
Our review score: 9.6

You will not easily find a more intelligent IP camera. If you want to be sure of what passes by your house and when, then you are in the right place with the Netatmo Presence, which even records whether it concerns animals, cars or people.

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage options: Cloud, SD card
Use location: Outdoor
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 100°
Voice function: No

#2 Google Nest Cam Outdoor

Google Nest Cam Outdoor is the best IP camera in terms of value for money
Our review score: 9.0

In addition to the more favorable price point and what you get in return, the Google Nest Cam Outdoor is easy to integrate with other Google Nest products. So if you already have other Nest products yourself, there is actually no alternative anymore!

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage Options: Cloud
Use Location: Outdoor
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 130°
Voice function: Yes

The 5 best IP cameras at a glance

If you ask what is the best security camera at the moment, we recommend these 5 models:

  1. Netatmo Presence – To get the most out of your IP camera experience, go for this model. It even recognizes what or who is in the picture!
  2. Google Nest Cam Outdoor – With this you achieve optimal Google Nest integration and an app that is very user-friendly.
  3. Google Nest Cam Indoor – For those who also like to keep an eye on things indoors, Google created the Nest Cam Indoor!
  4. Logitech Circle 2 Wireless – Looking for versatility? Then you arrive at this model. You can use this both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Foscam FI9853EP – With this model you can score an excellent IP camera for a very reasonable price.

How does an IP camera work?

IP cameras, also known as network cameras, are cameras (wired or wireless) that use the Internet protocol. The operation of an IP camera is similar to that of a webcam.

Pictures and sound are converted into digital data in real time and sent over the internet. This allows them to be viewed (immediately) anywhere in the world – on computers, but also on, for example, a tablet or smartphone.

By converting images and sound from IP cameras into digital data, they are easily stored on an SD card in the camera, on your computer’s hard drive or a cloud service. Video images from IP cameras can also be forwarded directly to an emergency center.

In addition to viewing the images, it is also possible that software with an analysis method scans the digital data and triggers an alarm in case of suspicious situations.

There are different types of lenses for IP cameras available. Think of lenses that offer a wider viewing angle and lenses that are controllable. Another big difference between IP cameras and regular security cameras is the fact that in addition to streaming images via the internet, they also have a chip on which advanced software can be placed.

There are also IP cameras that convert infrared and ultraviolet light into images that are invisible to the human eye. When it gets dark, the IP camera switches automatically and the (black and white) images remain of high quality.

Two IP cameras side by side

The chip and software in the IP camera also make it possible to detect motion. With the so-called “person within the area” analysis method, a certain part of the image that the camera sees is identified as a risk area.

If an IP camera registers human movements within such an area, a photo/clip of the movement is sent to the alarm center and possibly to your smartphone or tablet. If the person in the picture is an unwanted person, the police can be called in immediately. All this brings us to the next key question:

Why an IP camera?

At the top of the list of reasons is the safety of your home and family. Of course you also want to secure your belongings, whether or not you have a family. If things go wrong, you immediately have proof in the form of video or photo material. Anyway, this is what an IP camera is for.

Review the best IP cameras in detail

1. Netatmo Presence – the best IP camera of 2022

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage options: Cloud, SD card
Use location: Outdoors
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 100°
Voice function: No

The Netatmo Presence is produced for outdoor use. This angular, architectural security camera is designed to protect your property, whether it’s a home or a commercial building. In both environments he gives a somewhat alarming impression.

It’s an IP camera that works wirelessly over Wi-Fi – either alone or in combination with more Netatmo cameras, all of which can be controlled by the free Netatmo iOS and Android app called “Security”.

The slightly higher price tag feels somewhat justified when you feel this solidly built and aesthetically pleasing device in your hands. The all-metal construction is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard, contains a group of dimmable LED lights and comes with a mounting plate with which you can easily replace an existing outdoor light.

It doesn’t have an internal battery, so you’ll have to use the outdoor lighting power cable, which is already in place. There’s also no Ethernet port, meaning you’ll need to use your smartphone and the companion app to connect the IP camera to your Wi-Fi network.

The main feature here is the advanced object recognition software that uses Netatmo’s app to send you a text or email when a car, animal or person comes close. The app works surprisingly well at distances of up to 20 meters in daylight and slightly less than that when using the infrared sensors at night.

You refine this system by focusing on specific zones, which is done by zooming in on the parts of the screen you are interested in, such as a garden gate or your driveway.

As a floodlight, the Netatmo Presence is equally flexible and impressive. Few emergency lighting is dimmable, but it works with a gradual spectrum of brightness. You can choose to have it activated by movement or low light.

Netatmos Presence on a table

The grille in the back protects a microphone, allows for one-way sound and makes quite clear sound recordings to match the 1080p or Full HD video.

Another important feature that justifies the initial purchase cost is the fact that you do n’t have to pay a subscription here. With video recorded directly to a microSD card, you don’t need an expensive cloud server as is the case with Nest, Samsung and others. You can also set up your own FTP server if you want more frequent recordings without having to constantly swap out your SD card.

The app, “Security”, gives you intuitive control over these and other Netatmo cameras you have. This makes it easy to scroll between each camera view. If you only have one IP camera, you’ll see a timeline of the activity recorded that day.

There’s also pretty smooth watchOS support, which lets you see the IP camera images directly on your Apple Watch. This is now available as a so-called “complication”, meaning you can add the feature to your watch faces.

The resolution goes up to 1080p at 24 frames per second. We were able to zoom in and record sharp video clips, although we found that zooming in causes quite a bit of video noise.

In addition to the reassuring build quality, the handy spotlight function and the useful object recognition, the big advantage here is the flexibility of the IP camera.

You decide whether you get a warning when a car enters the driveway or when a person comes through the gate, and you also get a choice whether you want to keep that clip or not. All in all a great all-rounder for outdoor use!

What we like in the Netatmo Presence security camera:

  • The image is well exposed in all conditions thanks to the built-in, adjustable light​.
  • The object recognition software accurately distinguishes cars, animals and people from each other​.
  • You don’t need a subscription to save your images; you can use SD card or FTP server.

What we don’t like in the Netatmo Presence security camera:

  • This model has no speaking function, so you cannot address guests or intruders from a distance​.
  • There is no Ethernet port, so you depend on a very strong WiFi network​.

2. Google Nest Cam Outdoor – the highest value for money

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage options: Cloud
Use location: Outdoors
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 130°
Voice function: Yes

Nest became a household name by reinventing the thermostat (and producing the best smart thermostat in the process).

Now, however, the Google has a whole host of smart devices that work together to automate or protect your home.

One of the newer products is this weatherproof camera that complements Nest’s existing indoor camera (we’ll get to that later…).

Simply search for the “Works with Nest” seal of approval and you’ll find products that complement each other by, for example, turning on a smart light when the camera detects movement. This is an advantage that you may not even notice at first.

This IP camera is furthermore robust and waterproof with an IP65 certification. That means it can survive a regular rain shower. In addition, instead of a tripod, it comes with a separate base that screws to the wall to form a magnetic mount for the back of the camera.

The 1080p camera defaults to 720p. I think the image looks good in both resolutions. Ten infrared sensors ensure that he sees well in the dark. A microphone and speaker are built in for two-way audio, so you can even have a conversation through the camera. In return, however, it does not have a microSD card slot.

What sets this indoor camera apart is an iOS and Android app that stands out several degrees above the competition. That’s not surprising, since Google is behind the development of this app.

This app shows you a live feed from your cameras and through the Nest Aware subscription, you can customize your notifications by setting up to three active motion zones. These are areas within the camera’s view that you can draw and designate as motion sensitive zones.

Speaking of the subscriptions: a Nest Aware subscription is not mandatory, but very handy. With a subscription you get the following functionalities:

  • 5, 10 or 30 days of video history
  • Recording day and night
  • Intelligent notifications
  • Clips and time-lapses
  • Activity zones

The Nest Aware plan with 5 days of history costs $5/month or $50/year; for 10 days you pay €10/month or €100/year; for 30 days you pay, as expected, €30/month or €300/year. It is of course up to you to decide whether this makes sense to you or not.

I personally recommend that you at least consider it. The functionalities and the associated customer service are great ! However, the box contains everything you need to get started, from the screws and wall plugs that secure the magnetic base to the cable clips that secure the heavy-duty USB cable.

The camera itself is held firmly in place by the magnet, but with nothing to hold it there but the cable, a device like this can itself become a target for thieves. So install the device far out of reach of possible malicious parties.

Once installed, it is very easy to get the camera online through the Nest app. The app walks you through a step-by-step process made simple by the addition of a QRF code on the camera that simply scans your phone for pairing.

Assuming this process works for you too, Nest’s slick software should make the user experience the best on the market.

Image quality is also impressive, especially in 1080p mode , which records more than an average of 30 frames per second. Unfortunately for me the image hung quite often while the video was buffered and stretched on the border of a 10 Mbps broadband network.

For everyday use, 720p looks almost as detailed and requires less bandwidth, so if you have similar issues, switch to 720p resolution.

The 10 infrared sensors also ensure that you get good video quality even in complete darkness (which cheaper cameras struggle with). As for audio, the microphone is good enough to pick up subtle sounds, while the speaker gives a clear sound when you speak to the person at the other end through your phone.

The motion sensor is also quite good at distinguishing between humans and animals. There were times when a cat was mistaken for a human, but generally managed to filter out the irrelevant movements that occurred in the camera’s field of view.

What we like in Google Nest Cam Outdoor:

  • Integrates with the entire Google Nest system​
  • The image quality is very impressive​.
  • Two-way audio also sounds great​.

What we don’t like in Google Nest Cam Outdoor:

  • There is no option to store images locally on, for example, a (micro)SD card​.
  • To use the cloud and some specific features, you need to purchase a subscription​.

3. Google Nest Cam Indoor – the best indoor IP camera

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage options: Cloud
Use location: Indoors
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 130°
Voice function: Yes

As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is the Nest Cam Outdoor’s little brother – but for indoor use.

This indoor IP camera has a sleek design with a smooth, cool gray metal stand that supports a glossy black camera eye, giving you the real feeling of being watched.

The magnetic base provides stability for the camera and supports a slim swivel leg that attaches to the lens.

On the top of the lens is a single LED that blinks blue when the camera tries to connect to the network, and stays green when the camera is on and recording.

The camera’s small size and cleverly designed, adjustable stand – as well as the wide, 130° lens – give you handy flexibility when it comes to the area you want to capture. It comes with a leg that rotates 180° and a camera head that rotates 360°.

Nest has also raised the bar with improved night vision, which is more impressive than you’d expect, considering Nest doesn’t brag about this as the camera’s best feature.

The 3 megapixel lens – which is surrounded by eight LED lights – picks up impressive details. I still saw the typical motion delay that comes with security cameras.

You can set your preferences – in the desktop interface , or in the iOS or Android app – to receive sound and/or motion alerts from Nest Cam. However, you cannot adjust the settings; any kind of alert is simply on or off.

The device is designed to give fewer false alarms (passing cars, moving shadows, etc.) than its predecessor, the Dropcam Pro. However, you won’t get the maximum benefit from this so-called “advanced sensing” without subscribing to Nest Aware.

The Nest Cam also has a scheduling function, with which you can choose which hours of the day the camera is on and filming. You can also turn it off at fixed times, so that your TV viewing time is not recorded, for example.

The Nest Cam also gives you the ability to talk and listen through the camera. So the function also works here as a kind of smart doorbell. It’s worth noting, though, that the camera’s basic intercom attributes are just that: basic. The quality of the sound in both directions is definitely not HiFi .

A flashing blue light will appear on the front of the camera unit and a beep will sound to signal the person on the other end to talk. The idea is that you can talk to your pet or family through the camera – or maybe scare off an intruder with a hefty warning!

Another unique feature is the camera’s compatibility with other Nest devices. If you own the Nest self-learning thermostat and set it to “away”, the Nest Cam will turn on automatically.

With the Nest Protect carbon monoxide-and-fire detector, when smoke is detected in the house, Nest Cam automatically records a clip to record the events.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Indoors On A Table Next To Some Toys

It’s true that the 720p default resolution on the mobile app loads video faster when your internet signal is weak, but viewing the 1080p footage on a strong connection is unmatched.

With sharp focus and smooth video footage, it is truly a high-definition video. There was a slight lag of about 1 second in real-time playback, but there was never any real lag.

The Nest Cam’s 130° viewing angle – one of the widest in its category – and 8x zoom provide maximum flexibility when mapping out your palace. By placing the camera in a corner, you capture the entire room. You view a full-screen stream from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What we like in Google Nest Cam Indoor:

  • This camera is also easy to integrate with other Google Nest equipment​.
  • The images are of top quality, even in the dark​.
  • Although the audio does not always sound clean, it is useful to be able to speak as well as to listen through this IP camera​.

What we don’t like in Google Nest Cam Indoor:

  • Here too you need a subscription to get everything out of the camera​.
  • Again no local storage possible; so you are dependent on the cloud​.

4. Logitech Circle 2 Wireless – the best IP camera for indoor and outdoor use

Resolution: 1920x1080p
Storage options: Cloud
Use location: Indoors; Outdoors
Motion detection: Yes
Viewing angle (horizontal): 180°
Voice function: Yes

Logitech Circle 2 Wireless is an IP camera for indoor and outdoor use, and can be mounted indoors on the swivel base or outdoors on an outside bracket with two screws and two wall anchors.

There are also a number of optional extras from Logitech available for different mounting types. These include a window mount (useful for keeping an eye on the garden without mounting the unit outside) and a plug-in mount for keeping an eye on a pet.

Assembling the camera itself is relatively easy. Three key parts come in the bright green box, including a rechargeable battery, camera lens and a swivel base with a quick-release plate that fits into the back of the device.

To set up the Logi Circle, download the Logi Circle’s Android or iOS app, and press the setup button. You will then be asked which type of camera you are using and an attempt will be made to pair the camera via Bluetooth. During this process, a blue light flashes around the outside of the lens.

It is important that the camera is connected to the mains during the installation process and must be fully charged, otherwise the camera cannot be paired. You then control the camera via the aforementioned app – or use the web interface instead.

Once the camera is paired, the light around the lens changes to white to indicate the camera is connected, while the light on the back of the device is amber when charging, or green when fully charged. When the battery is low, you will see a flashing red light around the lens.

The Logitech Circle 2 is particularly well equipped in terms of the latest security options. It has a 180° lens for a panoramic view of your property. Alternatively, it is possible to choose “wide” and “ultra wide” modes. In addition, your images are of course mega sharp thanks to the 720p and 1080p settings (720p is the default setting).

You view these images in live mode (albeit with some delay), or use the camera’s motion detection sensors to view specific shots only when the camera detects movement. The recording time is adjustable between 10 and 60 seconds and the recordings are displayed in the sidebar of the app next to the time.

There is also a “daily brief” – or daily feedback – option, adjustable between 6 seconds and 60 seconds. This will show you edited safety highlights for a selected period of time.

Do you also want to talk to a delivery person at the door or to your dog? You can. The Logitech Circle 2 offers the option of two-way sound !

Furthermore, the Nightvision mode allows you to record images in the dark, while a zone editor allows you to draw an image of an area for which you want to receive a warning if motion is detected here, such as a front door.

While most of the camera’s features are free, you can subscribe to Logitech’s Circle Safe from $3.99 per month for additional features.

This includes up to 31 days of storage (only 1 day is provided by default), multiple motion zones and/or person detection. This feature is similar to Nest Cams, where the cameras tell you if it’s someone you know.

While I haven’t had too many problems in my home office, using the Logitech Circle 2 further away from even a really good router causes the Wi-Fi signal to drop several times (more so than other security devices from companies like the Google Nest cam).

In addition, outdoor use in the backyard was a particular problem, not only because of the greater distance from the router, but also because of the included swivel module . It didn’t seem strong enough to hold the camera in place when pointed almost all the way down.

Another problem is that because the Circle 2 uses a rechargeable 6700 mAh Li-ion battery, you have to recharge it regularly. To do this, it must be removed from its holder. Logitech claims the rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months, but that seems a bit magnanimous to me.

What we like in the Logitech Circle 2 Wireless security camera:

  • Installation is surprisingly easy​.
  • Here too you get two-way audio that sounds very decent​.
  • Footage looks clear, even in the dark​.

What we don’t like in the Logitech Circle 2 Wireless security camera:

  • While many features are free, many are part of the optional subscription​.
  • The swivel arm is not very strong, so the camera sinks down in some positions​.

5. Foscam FI9853EP – the best budget IP camera

Resolution: 1280x720p
Storage options: Cloud; NAS
Use location: Outdoors
Motion detection: No
Viewing angle (horizontal): 70°
Voice function: No

This is a conventional form factor for outdoor security cameras from Foscam, an established brand.

It comes with an improved iOS and Android app compared to previous models and support for all major browsers. You will not find functions such as adjustable movement zones or object recognition on this budget camera, but the almost bomb-proof construction is reassuring.

However heavy it may be physically, in terms of functionalities it is a lightweight device. Maximum video quality is limited to 720p and the camera sensor is a single megapixel, so don’t expect to get a Full HD image from this.

There is no speaker or microphone present, so you really only get to see an image. What you do get is the aforementioned app that helps you set up the camera and then personalize the settings. With this you receive push notifications when the motion sensor is active.

This sends a photo to your phone and videos are recorded on a microSD card – or stored in the cloud. Yes, you read that right: Foscam offers a subscription service that offers 7 days of rotating data storage for $40 per year, or 30 days for $100 per year.

What’s in the box itself? A power cord and Ethernet cable along with the screws needed to mount the unit to the wall or ceiling. The installation may be a little more labor intensive as four holes have to be drilled to attach the heavy metal housing.

However, connecting the camera with the accompanying app as a step-by-step guide makes it a very quick process, especially if you only use the supplied Ethernet cable. To use a Wi-Fi network and skip the cable, you need to follow a slightly more editable – but still simple – procedure.

Foscam’s mobile app makes the process of customizing your camera’s push notifications pretty painless, but there’s room for improvement. For example, you can only change your preferences if your camera is online. Plus, the home screen only uses half of your smartphone’s screen, leaving the other half blank in case you want to add another camera.

What’s worse, during the installation process, the app prioritizes a list of public cameras that Foscam has placed on random streets somewhere in China. At best, it’s a pointless gimmick; at worst, it raises concerns about how private your own camera actually is.

Furthermore, as mentioned, the video quality is limited to 720p and is further limited by the 1 megapixel sensor, but it still delivers quite smooth images on the live feed. It also shoots quite reliably when the motion sensor is activated.

The Foscam detected all our efforts to sneak past unseen and did very well in the dark too. The infrared sensor for night vision sees twenty meters in the pitch dark and records fairly clear black and white images.

As with all good security cameras, alerts are sent to your phone when motion is detected, but there are no options to control the frequency of these alerts. For example, you can not set motion zones and there is no object recognition.

So the chance that it will go off when a moving leaf is triggered is the same as that it will go off when a burglar walks by. However, with thoughtful positioning, it is possible to obtain satisfactory results and secure an outdoor area well.

What we like in the Foscam FI9853EP security camera:

  • This IP camera is available for a very friendly price​.
  • You save your images locally on a microSD card​.

What we don’t like in the Foscam FI9853EP security camera:

  • This camera lacks quite a few features, such as two-way audio, adjustable motion zones and object recognition​.
  • During the installation you will see camera images from a number of cameras in China, which leads to questions about privacy​.

IP camera buying guide

When purchasing an IP camera, as with all other important purchases, you as a serious buyer should pay attention to a number of things. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to watch a naughty pet while you are at work or are you more interested in protecting your property 24 hours a day?
  • Does your camera stay in one place or do you want to be able to move it easily (also outside)?
  • What about the app (if it’s available at all)? Do you want to access your camera images both on your computer and on your phone?
  • Is a high-resolution video feed necessary or is it okay if the camera captures a simple standard definition clip or photo of a security event?
  • If you want to save your images, do you prefer to use cloud storage or do you want to access your video locally via a (microSD) card or a USB stick?
  • How much are you willing to spend on a security camera?
  • Do you want your camera to work together with other (smart) devices?

The points of attention do not stop here.

Logitech Circle 2 Wireless On A Wooden Table

Connectivity and drive

Most of the do-it-yourself security cameras today work on your own Wi-Fi network. That means placing them within range of the router or a good access point of your home for optimal performance. This also means that an interruption in your Wi-Fi signal, whether it’s a connection drop or a power outage, will affect your camera’s functions.

In the United States, there are even IP cameras that run on a 5G network. You don’t see this much with us yet, but this could be something to keep in mind in the future.

Most cameras are also powered by a plug-in adapter. That’s not to say you can’t easily move the camera to another location, but you should always consider the location of a power outlet when choosing the installation space, or an extension cord (or adapter that runs on solar energy) to keep on hand.

However, a growing number of devices operate wirelessly , such as the Logitech Circle 2 Wireless, which is powered by a battery . Some have replaceable batteries while others have rechargeable batteries. Either way, a battery gives you more control over where you install your camera.

Many devices come with hardware so you can mount your cameras on a wall or built-in tripods so you can place them on a flat surface. Some others have magnetic feet so you can easily clip them onto refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other metal surfaces for quick and easy installation.

IP Cameras On Two Sides Of A Corner

Apps and other control options

Most security cameras these days can be accessed on Android or iOS via apps. Many of these cameras also work with web interfaces , so you can log into your laptop to view the same video feed or change your settings. The app and interface are therefore very important because they are your main access points to your camera.

The configuration of the app varies by device, but usually you need to create an account, log in and enter your local Wi-Fi information.

Basic functions such as motion and sound alerts, night vision, two-way conversations (depending on a built-in speaker and microphone combo), and activity logs are usually found in such apps.

Video functionalities

Some cameras provide constant access to a live feed as long as the camera and your app are connected to the internet.

Other cameras focus solely on recording a video clip when the motion sensor or other sensor is activated. That means these cameras are of no use if you want to watch a pet all day long; they only work as cyclic surveillance cameras.

Video quality is also an important consideration. The clearer your video quality, the more bandwidth it takes up and the more likely you are to experience lag times and other annoying glitches. HD video focuses on 720p or 1080p quality. Most cameras these days have a resolution of 1080p. Still, some continue to use a 640×480 VGA resolution to extend battery life.

Security Camera On A Gray Wall

If you eventually opt for HD quality and you’re faced with delays or real lag, most cameras give you the option to reduce the quality to a lower resolution. Some cameras even automatically adjust the video quality based on your internet connection.

Finally, the viewing angle is also an important point. How much do you want your security camera to see? Since it will likely involve monitoring a single space or point of entry, a larger field of view is generally more desirable. The Logitech Circle 2 Wireless has a 180° viewing angle, while the Google Nest Cam has 130° Indoor and Outdoor lenses. That’s quite a drastic difference.

Storage and subscriptions

Not all video storage is created equal. There’s cloud storage, which sends your video footage to a remote server, and local storage, which relies on a separate accessory like a microSD card. External and local storage are really a matter of preference, but some cameras, like the Foscam FI9853EP, give you both options.

It is also common to purchase an optional cloud storage subscription. You usually pay for this monthly. Nest Cam charges a minimum of €5 per month for such storage; other models, such as the Logitech Circle 2 Wireless, give you one day’s look back time for free.

Advanced features

In addition to the basic live stream, alerts, night vision and two-way conversations, an even more advanced collection of features and integration is available. For example, the Netatmo Presence offers facial recognition.

Models like this don’t just differentiate between people and other moving objects, they also let you know who is seeing them from a database of friends and family members you add to your account.

Some models also allow you to set up activity zones, meaning you select a specific area within the camera’s field of view that you want to ignore or pay extra attention to. That way, the IP camera focuses on the spots that really matter, ignoring your cat who is always jumping on the nearby work surface.

If you’re extra serious about home security, there’s also a handful of models that come with built-in sirens and disarm modes for an uncomplicated security setup.

Security Camera On A Lighted Wall

In addition, more and more cameras are responding to voice commands. For example, Google’s Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor and the Netatmo Presence work with Google Assistant.

There are also smart hubs that are compatible with a variety of different protocol languages ​​and help bridge the gap between two products from two different brands that speak two different protocol languages. For example, the Netatmo Presence works with IFTTT program.


Security cameras are supposed to blend in with their surroundings. For that reason, you will find many cameras with simple white and black finishes. However, if you take a closer look, important but small details help you set a smartly designed IP camera apart from the rest of the range.

Most security cameras have built-in tripods, while others have a sturdy cylindrical construction. If you want to change the camera angle, look for a camera with a stand that also allows you to rotate it. Still others have a magnetic back. This allows you to determine the camera angle yourself.

The best security IP cameras

IP cameraBest forReview score
Netatmo PresenceAll-round use9.5
Google Nest Cam OutdoorPrice quality8.7
Google Nest Cam IndoorIndoor use8.5
Logitech Circle 2 WirelessInside and outside8.3
Foscam FI9853EPSmaller budgets7.9

Frequently asked questions about IP security camera

Which IP camera is the best?
– The IP camera that scores best overall is the Netatmo Presence, according to our research. It is extremely robust, waterproof, works via WiFi and can be controlled via an app. Of course, the image quality is also excellent, thanks in part to the enormous lamp that is built into this model.

Where do you place an IP camera?
– That is entirely up to you. The important thing is that the power supply cable is long enough to reach where you want to hang the camera, as well as allowing you to see what you want to see. However, with regard to safety, there are a number of optimal places.

The front door, back door and first-floor windows are the most common entrances for criminals, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice. In fact, studies show that about 81% of burglars enter through the first floor, so put your cameras where the burglars are most likely to enter.


So there’s a lot to think about when considering buying an IP camera, but if you take the time to research the features that distinguish one model from another, this process will help you choose a good IP camera for you.

So read through our top 5 and our buying advice again, and let us know below whether the Netatmo Presence is also your number-one choice! Thanks for reading!

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