What succulent is this? It grows en masse on the Channel Island of Jersey.

As you can see in the picture, it reproduces strongly on rock bottoms, near the ocean. We took a cutting home and try to maintain it. We would like to know the name, and if you know, also the care instructions.

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Asker: Luke, 55 years old


It is about the hottentot fig or Carpobrotus edulis. The plant does not belong to the succulent family (Crassulaceae) but to the ice herb family (Aizoaceae). She comes from South Africa and was taken by many because she carries such beautiful flowers. As a result, the plant has now become a problematic invasive species that displaces native vegetation on many coasts of the world, where the climate usually allows it to survive and spread.
With us and certainly not inland, this plant will not cause any problems for the time being. Global warming could change that.
Bringing plants (and animals) from a trip is not a good idea anyway. You not only help to unintentionally spread possible stowaways whose impact we do not know (insects, fungi, bacteria, …), but if you do not know what you are bringing, it may also concern an endangered plant or animal species and that is prohibited by CITES law!

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Koen Es


Botanic Garden Meise
Nieuwelaan 38 1860 Meise



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