What’s wrong with this bird?

Last month (July 2017) I photographed this Flemish Jay in the Ardennes. As you can see in the attached photo, this bird has a half bald head. Is this because it is still a juvenile or is it the other way around a consequence of old age? Or rather a disease or a victim of a predator attack or something else?

Asker: Mark, 61 years old



Presumably he was attacked, which resulted in him being partially scalped. Luckily for him, he had no further damage, was able to escape and survive.



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Dr. Christine Vander Heyden

PhD: developmental biology on zebrafish, tooth development, gene expression patterns (ISH), in vitro cultures of tissues, histology (LM and TEM) Teaching assignment: lab biotechnology, biochemical analysis techniques, immunology. Environmental subjects.

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