WhatsApp gets a useful function: photos can soon be edited with AI

Meta is working on a new feature that will allow you to edit photos on WhatsApp using AI. You will soon get these three options in WhatsApp!

WhatsApp gets AI features

Another update is coming for WhatsApp! The latest version of WhatsApp introduces more features to edit photos. Now you can already add text, stickers and drawings to images. After the update, even more options will be added, because Meta plans to add functions that work with artificial intelligence.

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It is the first time that these types of features have come to WhatsApp. The AI ​​features allow you to perform various operations by simply pressing a button. These functions will be included in the first test version of WhatsApp backdrop, restyle and expand named. That is a major expansion, because now you can only add simple filters to the images.

WhatsApp gets a useful function: photos can soon be edited with AI

Edit photos on WhatsApp in more detail

In the next update, three new AI features will come to WhatsApp for photo editing. The first feature, backdrop, is intended to adjust the background of images. This makes it possible to easily remove the background and set it the way you want. Very useful, especially if there are disturbing people in the background of your holiday photos.

Of restyle you can adjust the style of photos. It is still unclear exactly how this works, but you may be able to add new filters to the image. The third function makes it possible to enlarge the photo using AI. WhatsApp adds: expand To edit photos, artificial intelligence then expands the edges of the image. This is already possible with Photoshop, but is now also coming to WhatsApp.

whatsapp photo editing ai

Function already in test version of WhatsApp

The new AI functions can already be found in a test version of WhatsApp for Android. It is therefore expected that it will not be long before the new features are available to everyone. So soon you will get many more options to edit photos on WhatsApp. And the good news: the new AI features are available completely free to all WhatsApp users.

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That is a big difference with Photoshop, for example, because you have to pay to use the latest AI functions. Of course, it remains to be seen how good the quality is when you edit the photos on WhatsApp, especially compared to apps like Photoshop. We will probably find out soon, because the WhatsApp update won’t be long in coming.

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