WhatsApp has new buttons (and this is what they do)

WhatsApp recently received an update with new buttons. But what do these new buttons actually do?

WhatsApp has new buttons

If you have installed the WhatsApp update, you may already have these new buttons. But at the moment not everyone has the new buttons with the WhatsApp update. It is not entirely clear how exactly this happens. The new buttons will probably be slowly rolled out to everyone.

whatsapp new buttons

Still, it remains interesting where these buttons are located and what they do. You can find them in WhatsApp, among other things, on the ‘Chats’ tab. At the very top you normally see the ‘Edit’ button on the left and the square with the pen on the right.

Do you have the update for WhatsApp with the new buttons? Then these two buttons are different. At the top left you will have a button with three dots in a circle. And the button on the right is a blue button with a plus sign. The function is still the same as the current buttons.

WhatsApp has been working for some time to update the interface in addition to the new buttons. According to WABetaInfo, Meta (the parent company) plans to provide the app with new colors, new buttons and filter options.

WhatsApp is also available for the Mac

In addition to your iPhone, WhatsApp is also available for the Mac. An update was also released for this in August. It was high time, because the previous version of WhatsApp was released for the Mac in 2016. Since then, no major update has been released, meaning several WhatsApp features were not yet available on the desktop version.

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