WhatsApp opens up to other apps – but they do not participate

WhatsApp will soon be opened to other apps, but those apps do not plan to allow messages to and from WhatsApp. This is why.

WhatsApp opens up to other apps

A new update is coming for WhatsApp, finally opening up the app to other chat services. In the new version of WhatsApp you can also send messages to other apps, such as iMessage and Telegram. This is not yet possible, you can now only send messages to another WhatsApp account via WhatsApp.

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A significant improvement, because you no longer have to install a separate app to send a message to a Telegram user, for example. This is the result of new European legislation, which states that large apps such as WhatsApp must be opened to other apps. This should prevent everyone from using just one app because it is the most popular. But there is a problem, because those apps must also be opened to WhatsApp.

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Reject other apps

Thanks to the new legislation, you will soon also be able to text with friends who prefer to use Telegram or another app. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all apps, because the European regulations are only intended for popular and frequently used chat services. This means that WhatsApp will soon have to be opened up to other apps, but those apps will also have to be adapted to send messages to WhatsApp.

A number of smaller apps have already indicated that they will not do this, including Signal and Threema. These apps are not obliged under European law to open their services to other apps and will therefore not do so. According to the developers of the apps, this has to do with the security and privacy of WhatsApp. According to the makers, the privacy of users would deteriorate if the apps were opened to WhatsApp, for example.


Update will come in early March

As far as we know, only Signal and Threema plan to keep their services closed to other apps such as WhatsApp. Larger platforms such as Telegram and Messenger are subject to the new European legislation and therefore have no choice. These apps must be opened to other apps, so that you can soon choose which platform you prefer to chat with.

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The new European legislation will come into effect at the beginning of next month, so WhatsApp does not have long to be opened up to other apps. The deadline is March 7, so WhatsApp will roll out the new update before then. In the updated version of the app, you can see conversations with external apps in a new tab. Curious how exactly that works? Then read all about the next WhatsApp update here!

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