Which smart plugs work with HomeKit? These are 6 good options

Not all smart plugs work together with HomeKit, but if you search a little carefully, you will certainly come across something beautiful. In this article, we collect six smart plugs for Apple fans.

6 smart plugs with Apple HomeKit

Making a ‘dumb’ device ‘smart’: that’s what the smart plug does. For example, you can run the coffee maker without pressing the button, see how much power your computer uses and you can create a time schedule for your lamp so that it switches on and off exactly when you want it.

Smart plugs are therefore an indispensable link in your smart home. Please read carefully in advance, because it is no guarantee that every ‘smart plug’ (as they are also called) can work with your home system.

In the world of smart homes, there are roughly three major players from which to choose: Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Some smart plugs work with only one platform, others support two or all smart home systems.

Attention Apple fans

Do you mainly use Apple devices at home? Then you have to pay close attention when buying smart plugs. Do you see an Apple HomeKit logo on a smart home product? Then you can add the device to the Home app of your iPhone or iPad and, for example, operate it with Siri, Apple’s ‘digital butler’.

When a smart home product doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, you grab next to all these features. You can probably operate the device with your iPhone or iPad, but then you have to install a separate app and therefore not everything is centrally located in one place (in the Home app).

To help you on your way, we have therefore listed smart plugs with Apple HomeKit support in this article. We briefly discuss the main features and advantages and disadvantages, so that you know where you stand. The list is in no particular order: which HomeKit plug suits you best is very personal.

1. Philips Hue Smart Plug

Philips Hue is a household name in the smart home world. The company not only sells all kinds of smart lamps, but you can also turn to Hue for smart plugs. The Philips Hue Smart Plug, as it is officially called, can handle Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

The smart Philips Hue plug is not necessarily cheap, but it is very reliable. Philips is a renowned party in the smart home world and the accompanying app therefore works ideally.

Moreover, you can easily expand the plug with, for example, a motion sensor to create the perfect atmosphere anywhere in the house. Unique is the possibility to wake up in the morning with (Philips) lamps that gradually become brighter, just like a natural sunrise.

It is a pity that the Philips Hue plug does not have an energy indicator. As a result, you cannot see how much power your connected devices consume. It is also a pity that it connects to your smart home via Bluetooth, which is less stable than a WiFi network.

However, are you looking for a good and reliable smart plug with HomeKit, without unnecessary fuss? Then this one is definitely worth considering.

View the Philips Hue Smart Plug at:

  • Apple: 29.95 euros
  • Bol.com: 27.29 euros
  • Coolblue: 32.99 euros
  • Media Markt: 27.29 euros

2. Eve Energy

Eve Energy smart plugs with HomeKit

Eve: another reliable smart home company. The party makes various smart accessories, including this smart plug. The Eve Energy does everything you would expect from a smart plug and works very reliably and stable. Cool is that it can map the energy consumption of your home.

Of course, the smart plug can handle HomeKit and thanks to the extensive Eve app you can create all kinds of time schedules and routines. A disadvantage of the plug is the response speed: sometimes there is a noticeable ‘kink’ in the cable, so that the app does not immediately respond to your touch.

View the Eve Energy at:

  • Apple: 39.95 euros
  • Bol.com: 39.95 euros
  • tink: 4-pack for 139.95 euros

3. Eve Energy Strip

Not enough with one smart plug? Then take a look at the Eve Energy Strip. This power strip is compatible with HomeKit and ensures that you can control three sockets (separately from each other) with the Eve app or your iPhone, or simply via Siri.

Also cool: the HomeKit power strip has all kinds of built-in safety measures. For example, he is alert to overvoltage and voltage peaks. He is good at saving energy anyway, because you can, for example, set the standby mode to switch on at a given moment.

View the Eve Energy Strip at:

  • Amac: 89.95 euros
  • Apple: 99.95 euros
  • tink: 94.95 euros

4. BeLife HomeKit Plug

Belife smart plugs homekit

The smart plugs from BeLife are very accessible. They work together with all smart home systems out there. So you can use the BeLife plug with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Furthermore, the BeLife plug does everything you can expect. With the timer function you can, for example, turn on your lights in the morning and when you say “Hey Siri, turn off the light”, it gets dark around you. Also good to know: the plug is made of flame-retardant material. Very safe!

View the BeLife HomeKit Plug at:

  • Bol.com: 24.95 euros

5. Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Smart plugs can be quite bulky, but that’s not the case with the Mini Smart Plug from Wemo. As the name suggests, this smart plug is very compact. When you connect the plug you can ‘just’ use the other sockets.

Unfortunately, the Wemo does compromise on functionality. For example, it is not possible to check how much energy your connected device is using. This is possible with many other smart plugs. On the other hand, you can make all kinds of time schedules, control the plug with your voice (via Siri) and you can control it via the Home app on your iPhone or iPad.

On the plus side, the Wemo Mini Smart Plug connects to your WiFi network, instead of bluetooth. Wifi is generally more stable and has a longer range. This makes the signal more stable and you are therefore less likely to run into problems.

View the Wemo Mini Smart Plug at:

6. IKEA Trådfri

Smart plugs homekit ikea

You will not find cheaper HomeKit plugs. The IKEA Trådri costs about ten euros and makes and has the necessary functions of a smart plug. So you can, for example, control your lamp remotely, or have your coffee machine running.

But, you are not ready for ten euros. The IKEA Trådfri needs another hub: a separate IKEA plug is therefore not very useful. An IKEA hub costs about 25 euros and ensures that you can link your smart home with Apple HomeKit.

Another drawback of the IKEA Trådfri is its design. The smart plug has a fairly bulky design and the question is therefore whether it will work well in your socket or power strip.

View the IKEA Trådfri at:

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