Why Lancia Ypsilon predecessor Y10 could cost more as a premium Panda than a simple Fiat Uno

Lancia Y10 Lancia Ypsilon

The Lancia Ypsilon is making a comeback and that is why we are delving into the model history. We arrive at an early predecessor who did not have that name, but went through life as Y10. It took the importer some effort to outfit the car as a full-fledged Lancia.

Even before the Y10, there was the Lancia A112, which we will skip here because it was actually a renumbered and almost prehistoric Autobianchi, dating all the way from 1969. This immediately raises a sensitive point, because precisely because of the popularity of Autobianchi in Italy, France and Portugal, the Y10 was supplied there under that brand name. The rest of Europe had to be content with just a different logo in a rather boring Autobianchi grille for its Y10s.

Lancia Y10 Lancia Ypsilon

The Dutch Lancia importer was not satisfied with that and found a supplier who was willing to make a different grill. As a result, the Y10 arrived here as a decent Lancia and therefore looks much better than the car in many international press photos. The arrival of the Y10 was strongly influenced by the then revolutionary FIRE engine, which was built entirely by robots. That striking name sounds fiery, but only refers to the highly automated manufacturing method in a specially built factory in Termoli, Italy.

Lancia Y10 Lancia Ypsilon

The Y10 was the first model from the Fiat stable to have the FIRE engine. Furthermore, the Y10 caused a stir with its striking design, because the pointed, streamlined front contrasts strongly with the matte black painted, almost perpendicular rear hatch. Anyone who suspects that the designers of Fiat’s Centro Stile suddenly had enough of their work is wrong: it is a sophisticated shape that gives the Y10 the astonishingly low Cd value of 0.31. The design had to respect the chassis dimensions of the Fiat Panda, but Lancia was allowed to use a more advanced rear axle. The Y10 became slightly wider than the Panda, for more room in the interior. A more important feature was the very luxurious furnishings, with chic materials and comfortable amenities. He could therefore afford a downright high price level: at 17,600 guilders, the entry-level Y10 was even more expensive than the larger and stronger Fiat Uno 55. That was fine, because the Y10 had to show that its owner had consciously not opted for an everyday Fiat. , but for a real Lancia. And yes, then you want a nose that radiates something like that.

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