Why this Fiat 500L should fetch at least €45,000

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Fiat 500L RM Sotheby PopeFiat 500L RM Sotheby PopeFiat 500L RM Sotheby PopeFiat 500L RM Sotheby PopeFiat 500L RM Sotheby

Fiat 500L RM Sotheby Pope

Anyone who is in the market for a Fiat 500L can pick up the 500-accented and somewhat idiosyncratic MPV from less than 7 grand. Yet this black Fiat 500L is expected to sell for at least €45,000. But why?

Auction house RM Sotheby’s has put together a new collection of classic cars and motorcycles, many of them exotics, which you can bid on from May 31. The collection, called Dare to Dream Collection, contains museum pieces such as the Ferrari F50, F40, Enzo Ferrari and 288 GTO, cars that are expected to fetch at least €3,000,000 to €4,000,000. Also going are cars such as the Maserati MC12, Lamborghini Miura P400 SV, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 959, but also a Fiat 500L. But not just any one. The black Fiat 500L in the Dare to Dream Collection is expected to fetch between 45 and 95 grand…

In the AutoWeek used car offer you can get into a used Fiat 500L from around €6,500. A huge difference from the black copy that you can bid on from May 31. It is not just any 500L, but the one in which Pope Francis was driven around during his visit to New York in 2015. The 500L has only 1,244 kilometers (773 miles) on the odometer and is described by the auction house as ‘one of the most historic examples of a modern Fiat 500, a charming little car that reflects the humble personality of its most famous passenger.’

Not fond of it the black Fiat 500L? Then take it the rest of the Dare to Dream Collectionthere are beautiful pearls among them.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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