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Unloved gem

Hyundai Excel

Our hearts cry a little when we see this Hyundai Excel, which is in truly beautiful condition. It shines and looks almost like new, but has been waiting for months for someone to breathe new life into it.

This Hyundai Excel has only driven 36,498 km in its 25-year history and it shows. We can hardly remember the last time we saw an Excel at all, let alone one that still looks almost like new. Truly a special car, but it does not have the advantage of enthusiast status. In this sense, we understand that no one has been found who wants to buy this car for months, because who wants to invest time and money to save an Excel?

To rescue? Yes, no matter how nice it looks, it doesn’t drive itself, because the engine is not running. This is directly related to its low mileage: this car has been standing still a lot and that has not done it any good technically. The provider, who even speaks of a real ‘barn find’, says: “The last owner hardly used the car due to circumstances and it was kept under his carport. At the moment it is not running on stale petrol, so the fuel pump has become stuck. So… remove the fuel tank and clean it and with a new pump it should run again.”

Hyundai Excel

As we said yesterday with the Citroën Saxo with extremely low mileage, a quiet life can be bad for a car. We see that here. Yet it is logically not an insurmountable task to get Excel working again. You just have to have the time for it and, above all, the desire to do it. That’s probably the biggest problem; who puts that effort into an Excel? Please know that you will almost certainly have the neatest Excel in our country in your possession. That’s pretty cool, right? Who knows, maybe some of the asking price of €1,750 could be reduced, now that the car continues to collect dust.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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