With this case you don’t have to charge your iPhone 15 as often

Do you have to charge your iPhone 15 too often? Thanks to this special iPhone 15 case with built-in battery, this will no longer be necessary.

Charge the iPhone 15 less often thanks to this battery case

The iPhone 15 has a pretty good battery, but sometimes it’s just not convenient to charge your iPhone when the battery icon on your iPhone turns red. You can of course take a separate power bank with you, but you should have thought about that in advance.

iphone 15 battery case back

No, there is a much easier solution for that. This iPhone 15 case (44.90 euros) has a built-in battery. The battery provides 7000mAh of extra power for your iPhone 15. That’s enough to charge your iPhone several times. This means that your iPhone lasts about three times longer before you have to charge it.

View the iPhone battery case at Apple Cover

Do you have an iPhone 15 Pro or an iPhone 15 Pro Max? Then the above case does not fit. But don’t worry: below you will find the same battery cases for the Pro and Pro Max. There was currently no battery case available for the iPhone 15 Plus.

  • View the iPhone 15 Pro battery case at Apple Cover
  • View the iPhone 15 Pro Max battery case at Appelhoes

Keep this in mind

Please note that your iPhone will be slightly thicker with this case than with a standard case. It is nice that this battery case has support for MagSafe. So, for example, you can still continue to use your Apple card holder.

It is of course also true that you also have to charge the case sometimes. But you have to do this a lot less often than you normally have to with your iPhone 15. Remember that charging will take a little longer.

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