With this Citroën Xantia you will float back to the 90s – Enthusiast Wanted

With a touch of allure

With this Citroën Xantia you will float back to the 90s – Enthusiast Wanted

It probably still drives well, looks neat and is very comfortable: actually it is a top thing, this Citroën Xantia from 1995. Of course, it also has to suit your taste.

In the 1990s you no longer had to go to Citroën for the most extravagant designs, but the Citroën Xantia was also anything but an average middle class car. Compared to its stablemate Peugeot 406, the years are perhaps less good and yet such a Xantia is still not a bad thing to see for its age. Just put a Ford Mondeo or a thirty-year-old Volkswagen Passat next to it. Inside, the years are a bit more visible, not least because of the neat, but also quite dated-looking fabric on the seats. A nice detail, however, is that the brand name is woven into it. That gives it a bit of a chic accent.

Citroen Xantia

This Xantia is not very chic, although we are not talking about the external condition of the car. That’s fine, judging by what we see in the photos. That could hardly be otherwise, after four owners and only 106,000 km in just under thirty years. This Citroën Xantia has had a quiet life. According to the accompanying NAP report, it only drove about 30,000 km in the 1990s. The car has driven relatively many kilometers over the past four years with its past two owners, about 26,000, almost a quarter of all its kilometers. That in itself is a good sign, so we are not dealing with a car that is now offered for sale after barely driving for years.

The Especially with an asking price of €4,450. For that money, a fresh MOT can be installed free of charge. After all, it is not very tender for a neat but otherwise ordinary Xantia. At the same time, they are slowly becoming a bit rare, especially with such a low setting. There must undoubtedly be an enthusiast for this who wants to use it longer than the previous owner.

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