Xpeng P7 Performance vs. Tesla Model 3 Performance – Double Test

Better have a good steal…

The smooth, streamlined sedan shape of the new Xpeng P7 looks familiar to us and we have heard the addition ‘Performance’ before. No shame, because the Tesla Model 3 is an example for more car manufacturers. The big question is whether the P7 implements the ‘Tesla idea’ better than Tesla itself.

Wait a minute, isn’t this the ‘old’ Model 3?

Sore point, but indeed. Tesla introduced the heavily updated Model 3 after we made this test. We have even driven it, so be sure to watch that video for the differences with this ‘old’ model. However, there is no new Performance yet. It will probably come back in a different form.

Well, we’ll ignore that. That Xpeng looks a lot bigger than the Tesla, is it?

The P7 is indeed a size larger than the well-known Model 3 and in that respect it stands between the Model 3 and the Model S. However, the smallest Tesla wins when it comes to luggage space. According to the official statement, there is 561 liters behind the rear seat, a significant part of which disappears into an impressively large ‘cellar’ under the floor. The P7 has no such hidden space and keeps it at 440 liters. In addition, the Xpeng has no extra luggage space in the front. The Tesla does have that. It reportedly holds 88 liters, but perhaps even more important is that such a ‘frunk’ can be used for charging cables, safety vests and other junk that would otherwise be annoyingly lying around the luggage compartment. Both cars are real sedans, with a fairly short tailgate. Sitting in the back is better in the Xpeng than in the Tesla. The high floor remains a major disadvantage, while the P7 offers a more natural sitting position.

These cars are both called ‘Performance’. That creates expectations. Do they fulfill it?

The Xpeng P7 Performance has four-wheel drive and 473 hp thanks to two electric motors. This makes it seriously fast, but in that respect it must be recognized as superior to the even faster Model 3 Performance. With an adapted chassis and larger brakes, that Tesla actually offers a sportier driving experience, while a Model 3 is naturally very sharp and direct. The Xpeng has a completely different character. Even as a Performance, it is very relaxed and comfortable and the ‘Performance’ part is therefore limited to speed. In our opinion, the tamer ‘Long Range’ drivetrain fits better with the character of the car, although that extra power is of course never gone. The fact that the Xpeng is not sporty does not mean that it does not drive well. What the P7 lacks in dynamics, it makes up for with a sense of luxury that is actually completely lacking in the Tesla. The cabin is well insulated, thresholds are pleasantly smoothed, the steering is light and the seating position behind the wheel is particularly pleasant.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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