You can buy these premium sedans for 15,000 euros

Volvo S60, Mercedes C-class or Lexus IS but 10 to 11 years old

Volvo S60 occasion

After the sunny excesses that resulted in last week’s spring fever (BMW Z4, Nissan 350Z Roadster, Porsche Boxster), this week we go for ‘business responsible’: three sedans that you can always and everywhere look good with. Lexus, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo have not yet been featured in the previous seven episodes of Opzoek Naar, so this time we portray the IS, the C-class and the S60 respectively. 15 mille is again our starting point.

Can it be sportier? Think of a BMW 3-series or a Jaguar XE. The Audi A4 is somewhere between sporty and comfortable. Nostalgic feelings? Saab’s 9-3 might be your dream occasion. And try to score a Cadillac BLS if you’re looking for something extravagant. You see: the business segment also has a broad spectrum!

Mercedes C-class occasion

Mercedes-Benz C-class 180 Business Class 125 Avantgarde – 2012 – 136,751 kilometers – 13,950 euros

Our working method is that we first find three comparable used cars together and only then investigate their history. Why this sentence? This Mercedes-Benz C-class has already worn out eight owners in eleven years! What is going on here? Nothing special at first sight: the 45-ZFK-1 is simply delivered with a Bovag warranty, so that provides certainty.

Mercedes C-class occasion

A car from more than 10 years ago ages quickly, doesn’t it!

This C-class is complete

Traditionally, Das Haus cars are not generously equipped, but because the first owner ticked things like navigation, cruise control, climate control and parking sensors on the option list, this occasion is in no way inferior to the others. Hill assist, tire pressure sensor, electric front seat adjustment and an electric tailgate are only found on the Benz, so it is not the problem either. Maybe because this C has a manual gearbox instead of an automatic? Then know that you should not touch the six-speed gearbox too abruptly. Not that the German can’t handle that, but a relaxed shift hand delivers a ditto smooth and somewhat aloof driving behavior that, however, fits this car perfectly. Like the blown 1.6. The maximum torque (250 Nm) is already released at 1,250 rpm and that guarantees a relaxed ride. An additional advantage is the modest fuel consumption.

Mercedes C-class occasion

Dashboard cool but will probably last a long time

The Avantgarde furniture isn’t quite as hard as the Sport’s, but it doesn’t reach the S60 level. Not even his space in the back, by the way. The build quality and the materials used in the interior make you expect a long life, but also look a bit cool. Only the fairly small navigation screen shows that this occasion is already somewhat old. And what we still have to get used to is the placement of the steering stems: nothing on the right, two or sometimes even three on the left. Still something to complain about, but could that be the reason why this C has already worn out so many owners? After all, the trunk is the most generous and 1,800 kilos can be braked on the hook. We do not know. Maybe schedule a test drive.


Brand Mercedes Benz

Type C-class 180 Business Class 125 Avantgarde

Construction year October 2012

Mileage 136,751

Asking price €13,950

Where to buy? Automotive company De Pijper, Maarssen

Technical data

Engine 4-cyl. in-line, 1,595 cc, turbo

max. assets 115 kW/156 hp at 5,300 rpm

max. couple 250 Nm at 1,250 rpm

Luggage room 475 l

max. trailer braked 1,800 kilograms

Avg. consumption 1 in 17.2

0-100km/h 8.5s

Top speed 225km/h

All data according to factory specifications

Volvo S60 occasion

Volvo S60 T4 Kinetic – 2013 – 164,873 kilometers – 13,850 euros

This Volvo S60 is at a Volvo specialist. Slightly younger than the Benz, nevertheless three owners drove it a bit more kilometers. Motor-wise they are comparable: here too a blown 1.6 that spreads a little more horsepower on the front wheels (the C has rear-wheel drive). The performance is comparable, but the Swede does run a little more revs and it is also less economical.

No knee airbag in ‘safe’ Volvo

It is striking that the ‘safe’ Volvo is the only one missing a knee airbag, otherwise there is little to complain about. Cognac-colored leather upholstery, heated front seats and ditto windscreen washers, a divisible rear seat plus a tow bar make it a luxury family car. Moreover, a comfortable occasion, because the seats are fantastic. In terms of appearance, the S60 may appear more dynamic than the C-class, but the chassis is technically more comfortable than sporty. So it fits well with the furniture. In order to please a bit of sporty housekeepers, the steering responses are pretty direct. Some more feedback would make steering a bit more festive – the S60 is certainly not a 3-series. In fast corners, the front-wheel drive asserts itself a bit: understeer, with the car also wanting to lean slightly.

Volvo S60 occasion

The Volvo S60 inside, this interior style is still beautiful.

Three children in the back should fit in S60

In the front, the Swede offers enough space in all directions (the S60 has the largest interior width of the three), in the back it is less pleasant for tall people due to the falling roofline. But also here the largest width, so three not too big children should be possible. The materials used are beautiful (although the leather here and there is not quite armpit fresh anymore), the fits correct, the dashboard solid and modern in design. Fortunately, the rear seat can be folded down in parts, because with 380 liters, the luggage space is not enough, especially given the size of the car. This dynamically designed 61-ZTL-9 (February 2013) shows that the days of square Volvo bricks are a thing of the past. Still valid: older Volvos remain civilized, never become ordinary!

Volvo S60 occasion

SignalingBrand Volvo

TypeS60 T4 Kinetic

Construction year February 2013

Mileage 164,873

Asking price €13,850

Where to buy? Garage Gijsberts, Elst (Gld.)

Technical data

Engine 4-cyl. in-line, 1,596 cc, turbo

max. assets 132 kW/180 hp at 5,700 rpm

max. couple 240 Nm at 1,750 rpm

Luggage room 380 l/nb

max. trailer braked 1,600 kilograms

Avg. consumption 1 in 15.6

0-100km/h 8.3s

Top speed 225km/h

All data according to factory specifications

Lexus IS occasion

Lexus IS 250 High Edition – 2011 – 170,209 kilometers – 14,950 euros

Strange that Lexus always (1999-2021) used IS as the type name for its mid-sized car. And we just think that the bearded representatives of that group had a preference for products (Hilux, Land Cruiser) from parent company Toyota! Anyway. The Lexus IS that we present to you here is older, has more kilometers of experience (only two owners) and is still 1,000 euros more expensive than C and S60.

Lexus IS occasion

What four-cylinder! The Lexus IS has a V6

First, it’s because of the excellent reputation Lexus has built up over the years. Not only does everything look and feel like it will never break (the build quality is excellent, the materials used can be even better here and there), it sometimes actually seems that way. Secondly, because this IS has an atmospheric V6 on board instead of a blown four-cylinder. In combination with the automatic six-speed gearbox, this provides a distinguished driving feeling. Do you also have to be first name to own this car? Perhaps, because the IS is a lot heavier, uses more fuel and requires maintenance every 15,000 kilometers. His reliability should ease the financial pain somewhat.

Lexus IS occasion

Lexus IS tight in the back

Not painful, but a bit difficult to get into the back, while the space there is the tightest of these three portrayed occasions. As is often the case, you are best behind the wheel. The command post is clear, the furniture is fine and the premium Japanese is happy to show his dynamic face on demand. Here too rear-wheel drive, so the comparison with the 3-series is necessary, although the German is still a bit sportier and sharper in terms of seating position and steering behavior. With as unique selling points a reversing camera and automatically folding exterior mirrors, the equipment is adequate, but leather is missing, for example. This can be an advantage for sporty cornering (because less sliding)! All in all, this used car turns out to be a car for connoisseurs, more than the other two.


Brand Lexus

TypeIS 250 High Edition

Construction year November 2011

Mileage 170.209

Asking price €14,950

Where to buy? Garage De Wit, Schoonhoven

Technical data

engine V6, 2,500 cc

max. assets 153 kW/208 hp at 6,400 rpm

max. couple 252 Nm at 4,800 rpm

Luggage room 398 l

max. trailer braked 1,500 kilograms

Avg. consumption 1 in 11.9

0-100km/h 8.5s

Top speed 225 km/h

All data according to factory specifications

Which premium business sedan is right for you?

In summary: the IS is the most experienced and the most expensive (also in operation), but seduces with its unctuous V6 and its proverbial reliability. Despite eight previous owners, there is little wrong with the C-class: it goes its way imperturbably (and therefore also somewhat aloof). Volvos are always seen as safe family cars, but this S60 drops some points compared to the competition on those aspects. Dynamics are present, the furniture is fantastic. What would your choice be?


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