You can fill up with hydrogen with this still-packed Honda CR-V

Electric driving, still refueling

Honda CR-V Hydrogen FCEV

The Honda CR-V is only available as a hybrid and as a plug-in hybrid in the Netherlands. No matter where in the world you shop for the current CR-V, under no circumstances can you put anything other than gasoline in the tank. At least, that is the case now. In these photos you see a Honda CR-V that also uses hydrogen.

Honda has been preparing for the arrival of a version of the CR-V with a fuel cell. The brand has already indicated that it will launch a small series of the CR-V in the United States this year in which you can throw hydrogen. The electrically powered version of the SUV has now been shown in a sleek sticker sheet by Honda itself.

The Honda CR-V ‘FCEV’ or ‘Hydrogen’ – it is not yet clear what the version will be called exactly – has bumper work that differs considerably from that of the CR-V as you know it in Europe. It has a grille cut in two, with the lower part equipped with horizontal slats. It is striking that the hydrogen CR-V has a completely different hood than the existing versions of the SUV. The hood does not connect to the grille, but stops just a little earlier. More optical differences: the Honda CR-V with a preference for hydrogen has clear, colorless rear lights. It is still unclear whether Honda CR-V FCEV is coming our way. It is known that the car will come off the production line in the United States.

The Toyota Mirai and the Hyundai Nexo are currently the only hydrogen cars you can buy. Toyota is still working on a second model with a fuel cell, which will be a variant of the new Toyota Crown Sedan, but you shouldn’t expect that in the Netherlands.

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