You can link a tablet to your existing WhatsApp account

You can link a tablet to your existing WhatsApp account

The new update of WhatsApp in the Beta program of Google Play shows that you will soon also be able to link your tablet to your existing WhatsApp account. It concerns version and because of this you will soon be able to use the same account on both your tablet and your smartphone.

WhatsApp account on multiple devices

Being able to link your WhatsApp account to a second device. It is now in development for mobile devices and WhatsApp seems to have come a long way with it: the function will pass in the beta version of the app, writes WABetaInfo. If you have an Android tablet, you’ll probably soon be able to make sure you don’t miss a single message. You can use your WhatsApp account on up to four devices.

You will do this later by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Paired devices’. You will then be presented with the option to scan the QR code on the other device and your chats will be automatically synced between your devices. You do need an internet connection if you want the chat history to be copied on your tablet. Once that synchronization has been completed, you can also use WhatsApp on your tablet without your smartphone having an internet connection.

Even works with iPhone

Thanks to this version of the companion mode, even if your primary mobile device is an iPhone, you can link a WhatsApp account configured on your iPhone to your Android tablet. However, it is currently not possible to view live locations on such an additional device. This function may also not be present at the launch of the option, which does not exclude the possibility that it will not come later.

Do you want to test it too? Then make sure you put the latest version of WhatsApp in the beta program on your smartphone and tablet. This way you can check whether it indeed works well and whether you are actually waiting for it: two places (or maybe four!) to read WhatsApp messages is quite a lot. Also the syncing might be a bit intense every time if you are a fanatic WhatsApper. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is waiting for this feature to come to the regular version of WhatsApp, but when that will happen is still unknown.

You can link a tablet to your existing WhatsApp account

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