You can read this in AutoWeek 10

You can read this in AutoWeek 10

AutoWeek 10 will be in stores from Wednesday or will be on your doorstep at the end of this week. This week we have an extra thick theme song for you! 16 pages more than usual because the focus is on turbos. Lovers of old and new sports cars can indulge themselves.

Whoever says ‘turbo’ undoubtedly immediately thinks of the 80s. In that decade Ferrari also started working with turbos on its road cars. For example, the 288 GTO and the iconic F40 were supercharged. At that time, the interplay between turbo and combustion engine was not nearly as refined as it is now, as we discover when we set out with those two. But what an experience!

Mercedes AMG A45 vs.  Audi RS3

We know, for example, the current situation with turbos in sporty cars from the Audi RS3 and the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. It is particularly impressive with the second one, what power is achieved per cylinder. Time to see which one likes better, a roaring five-cylinder or a four-cylinder engine that works very hard.

Of course we also go a little deeper into the technology of the turbo. Our own Cornelis Kit can of course explain fantastically how it works and what the pros and cons are. We also pay attention to underexposed or simply forgotten cars that had a turbo and we look for used cars with a turbo engine for a modest budget.

Shelby Turbo

Do you know which turbo car we see here?

A brand that has recently adopted quite a special naming strategy when it comes to turbos is Porsche. So it has a model that has two turbos but on which the designation ‘Turbo’ cannot be found, but there is also one that has no turbos and that is called ‘Turbo’. What’s up with that? We put them side by side.

Talking about cars with like-minded people is sometimes the best thing there is. That was precisely the approach of our ’round table discussion’, in which moderator Michiel Willebrands confronts his colleagues Stéphan Vermeulen, Marco Gorter and Cornelis Kit with seven statements relating to the phenomenon of ‘turbo’. Are the gentlemen on the same page or are there unexpected opinions on the table?

Finally, you will of course also find the well-known second-hand categories. In Klokje Rond we also have a sporty guest this week; a 2009 Volkswagen Golf GTI with 330,000 km on the clock. Usually GTIs do not have a quiet life, so we are naturally very curious about how this one is doing. On the rollers it’s time for some unadulterated diesel power, this time in the form of an apparently well-behaved BMW 3-series. Under its hood is a six-cylinder engine that is not exactly sluggish from home, but has also been provided with some extra power by its owner.

BMW 3-series Roller dynamometer

You can read all that and more in the latest AutoWeek. It will be in stores from Wednesday this week. Would you rather not go out? Order from the comfort of your home the latest number. Then it will be delivered to your doorstep within two working days.

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