You cannot (and should not) miss this Opel Vectra – Enthusiast Wanted

Beautiful red is not ugly

You cannot (and should not) miss this Opel Vectra – Enthusiast Wanted

He was never special, but maybe a little now; this bright red Opel Vectra hatchback. You hardly ever see the Vectra B this handsome anymore, if you spot it at all.

It is wonderfully modest, this red Opel Vectra from 1996. Even in its time, this was clearly a Vectra that could not necessarily cost very much. Although it is one with a 2.0-liter engine, the red paint and hubcaps reveal that savings have been made in terms of equipment and decoration. This is also noticeable on the inside, including the window winders in the front (and therefore the ‘dead buttons’ on the doors), the single display next to the instrument panel and the lack of air conditioning.

There are not many Vectra B’s left in our country, but the fact that this one is still there is extra remarkable. The fact that the first owner only parted with it after eighteen years probably contributed to this. The car was also apparently still fresh enough at the time to simply remain here on the Dutch market and not be pushed on to an export market (like many other Vectras). Over the past eight years, someone else took care of it and, like his predecessors, he took it easy. This is evident from the visually neat condition of the car, but also from the fact that it only has 125,000 km on the odometer.

Opel Vectra

Maybe it looks a bit different in real life, but it seems that this Vectra is still almost as bright red and shiny as it was in 1996. In addition to a quiet existence, it probably also had an indoor existence. However it happened; This has become a bit of a special opportunity for someone with a soft spot for aging Opels. You won’t find a Vectra B as good looking as this, perhaps never again. In that light, the asking price of €2,450 is actually not too bad.

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