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318i with experience

BMW 3 Series E21

You may have noticed that the once ubiquitous BMW 3-series E36 has already become quite scarce, not to mention the E30. It is even more special to encounter an E21. This is also a wonderfully pure version.

You still find them, those E36s and E30s, but their ancestor is really rare these days. Nice to meet one again. The undersigned just spotted this copy on Tuesday evening during a walk. The somewhat nonchalant way in which it stands among modern items in a parking space fits well with the overall picture, because you don’t have to handle this BMW 318i with kid gloves.

The signs of 43 years of existence are impossible to miss, from front to back. It has clearly been worked on, but the basis is still quite original and pure. Actually very charming, because if you spot such an original 3-series, it is usually a well-renovated one these days. In any case, the current owner has a soft spot for his 318i, because the two have been inseparable for almost twenty years. You can bet that he will take good care of it, despite its somewhat rough appearance.

BMW 3 Series E21

The first 3 Series had big shoes to fill as the successor to the most compact Neue Klasse models. BMW certainly scored well with the 2002. Especially with the 320i and 323i, BMW proved that sporty driving could still be combined very well with a practical look. We don’t have such a spectacle in front of us with a 318i. It was already well equipped in its day with 105 hp, especially thanks to the then quite new ‘i’, which indicated that it was an injection engine. Previously it was simply the 318 with carburetor, which just missed the 100 hp mark. By the way, there was also a 316 and in the year of manufacture of this copy even the truly modest 315 was added as an entry-level car.

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