You lose so much mobile data every month due to advertising

You see advertisements on your iPhone everywhere and without WiFi this is all at the expense of your mobile data. But how much of your data do you lose each month?

You lose so much mobile data every month due to advertising

In X (former Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more you regularly see advertisements. Those small videos, photos and animations are often quite annoying, because you can’t always click them away.

If you have a WiFi connection it’s not that big of a deal, except those commercials waste your time. But do you use mobile internet? Then there is an extra irritation factor to that advertisement. Of course, these videos and pictures also consume data from your mobile internet subscription.

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An image is of course not that bad, but large, moving banners and short videos do cost a bit more. On average, a 30 second video costs about 4-6 MB, but that can vary greatly. For larger videos you should sometimes think of around 25-50 MB each. And do you only have a modest internet subscription of 1 GB? Then you’ll get through it very quickly.

On average, you will see an advertising message every three or four posts on, for example, X, Facebook or Instagram. On YouTube it’s about every 5-8 minutes. The video sites are therefore also the biggest culprits of advertising that use up your mobile data.

Quickly clicking through to the next video or post does not always help in that case, because many sites already load the files in advance. This means they have already used up some of your mobile data. Instagram, TikTok and YouTube consume a lot of your data anyway. This is because you only watch videos and often scroll through them very quickly.

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However, you should not forget that all these sites and apps are free to use. Advertising is then a way for the makers to earn money. At YouTube and

Would you prefer to use the internet on your iPhone with as few advertisements as possible? Then read the article below.

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