Apple announces the Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE

Apple announced two new smart watches on Tuesday, as expected, namely the Apple Watch Series 6 and the cheaper Apple Watch SE.

On Tuesday evening, the Apple Watch Series 6 was unveiled. The smart watch will have a blood oxygen meter that can measure the oxygen content in your blood in fifteen seconds by means of an infrared sensor. These measurements are read directly by the Apple Health app.

Inside the watch we also find a faster chip, namely the A13 chip that can already be found in the iPhone 11, but which is optimized for the watch. The current Series 5 watches still have to make do with almost the same chip as the Series 4. The A13 chip is 20% faster than the current chips in the latest Apple Watch, according to Apple.


Furthermore, the always-on display has been adjusted, making the screen a lot easier to read when the sun is shining brightly. Height differences are also tracked in real time, which seems especially interesting for mountaineers.

In addition, expect a range of new screen designs, including one that allows you to see the time in different time zones on one screen. You can also get your Memoji on your watch and you can turn your watch into a stopwatch.

Also interesting is the silicone Solo Loop strap, which now consists of one piece. The band, which will be available in many different sizes, slides over your wrist and will be available in seven colors.


The smartwatch itself will also be available for purchase in a variety of colors, including gold and gray. For the first time, the Apple Watch is also available in blue and red. However, the question remains whether the watch will also be available in all these colors in the Netherlands.

The Watch Series 6 has been given a price tag of $ 399. A price in euros has yet to be announced.

Watch SE

A second Apple Watch was also announced, the Watch SE, a budget model that serves as the successor to the Series 3. This model costs $ 279 and can be pre-ordered from Friday. There is also no price in euros available for this model.

In the watch we find an S5 chip, which is faster than the Series 3. According to Apple, there are many well-known functions, including the fall detection and a heart rate monitor.

Apple also announced iPad news today.

For families

By launching a cheaper model, Apple hopes that families will also embrace the Apple Watch. There is a so-called family setup designed, which makes it possible for children to pair their watches with their parents iPhone. As a parent, you can then see where your child is and with whom he may have contact. The family setup is not yet available in the Netherlands, but it is already available in Germany. This suggests that other European countries will soon follow.


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