Apple presents HomePod mini

After Apple made announcements in the Apple Watch & iPad series in September, there was also an Apple event on Tuesday, October 13. In addition to the unveiling of the iPhone 12, Apple also unveils the HomePod mini, a smaller version of the HomePod smarthome speaker. You should know this about the new Apple HomePod mini.

In addition to the regular HomePod, there is now also the HomePod mini. As the name suggests, a smaller version of the Apple speaker that came out three years ago.

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Functionalities HomePod mini

The HomePod mini has a fabric exterior. This should be beneficial for acoustics. This small speaker can play sound in 360 degrees. Thanks to the S5 chip, the device is able to realize ‘computational audio’. The speaker should match the sound to the song being played. One driver is included in the small design.

Siri obviously has integration with this new addition to the HomePod line. During the press event, Intercom was mentioned as an important new feature. Intercom allows communication between any other HomePod minis in the house. Connecting two speakers together provides stereo sound. Voice messages are automatically sent to the other speakers. The voice messages can also be received on iPhones and iPads. Even on connected AirPods.

There is also integration with Apple Home, Apple CarPlay and Apple Music. Other music services such as Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio are also supported. There is still no support for Spotify on the regular HomePod. The mini also lacks this functionality.

Availability HomePod mini

The HomePod mini comes in two color variants: white and gray. And will be available on November 6 for $ 99 (in the US). Shipments begin on November 16. The regular HomePod was not available in the Netherlands and Belgium at launch. This is also the case with the HomePod mini. The device can be ordered in Germany and France.


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