Practical experience Audi TT (2006-2014) – Owners about their sleek coupe or roadster

‘Circuit tigers would be better off choosing another car’

Practical experience Audi TT (2006-2014) – Owners about their sleek coupe or roadster

We can describe the first generation Audi TT as downright sensational. Not so much in terms of driving characteristics, but the design of the car is still special even after 26 years. Compared to that, the second generation, which appeared in 2006, feels like a second cup of tea from the same bag. But now that used cars are becoming somewhat affordable, we are curious: what do owners actually think of them?

The powertrains of the second generation Audi TT are quite well-known, although this car does without the 1.4 TFSI. The entry-level engine is the 1.8 TFSI with 160 hp, slightly above that you will find the 2.0 TFSI with 200 hp. Six-cylinder enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with the 250 hp, naturally aspirated 3.2-liter. While the first generation did not go further than a TTS Roadster concept car, the second generation received no fewer than two sporty top cars. The TTS, with a 2.0 TFSI boosted to 272 hp, and the 340 hp TTRS with the famous 2.5-liter five-cylinder.

This is how the second Audi TT drives

These versions are hardly represented in our review section, but the standard versions are certainly not enough. “The handling of the TT is fantastic. It sticks to the asphalt,” writes the driver of a TT Roadster with six cylinder. “But bumps and bumps sometimes come in quite a bit,” is the criticism he makes. And about the engine: “The car is not super fast, but certainly smooth. All in all, riding the TT remains a pleasure, every time.”

Is the TT a real sports car? “Cornering behavior is fine, taking into account that you are driving on public roads. Circuit tigers would be better off choosing another car,” said the owner of a TT Roadster 2.0 TFSI. “To compare it directly, I also drove it with a manual Boxster S from 2007 with sports suspension.” About a long road trip: “Glad that we are covering these 2,700 km in the Audi. Steering tightly is one thing, but traveling comfortably is something else.”

A second 2.0 TFSI driver, this time a coupe, also adds some nuance. “Cornering behavior, here too it shows that Audi wanted to create an accessible car with the second generation TT. The TT steers tightly, but leans more than you would expect. I think if you really want a ripping iron, you’d better go for the RS version, or at least the S.” Yet as far as he is concerned, there is still plenty to do. “You also feel very well what the car is doing under your ass, the steering wheel is very communicative and also feels great in the hand.”

A second coupe driver is also satisfied with the balance that Audi found. “The TT is much more mature and better finished than the previous model. The comfort is really good and is in good balance with the sporty side of the car. The TT is super fast with the S-tronic gearbox and drives like on rails, you don’t really realize how quickly you are already reaching punishable speeds.”

However, 2.0 TFSI drivers do express criticism of the front-wheel drive. They find that the front end loses grip relatively quickly. The next owner, who left a four-wheel drive TT of the first generation at the dealer, writes: “The car was delivered on a rainy day and that was a bit of a shock, the lack of quattro was very noticeable with new tires on a slippery road surface. ! Fortunately, you learn to take it easy for the first few meters before you push on and then you can live quite well with front-wheel drive.” Nevertheless, he is satisfied with the switch. “The car as a whole feels calmer, bigger and more mature. It drives much more convincingly at high cornering speeds than the previous one.”

Is it still usable?

The new TT also scores better than its predecessor when it comes to practical features, says another coupe driver. “The TT is comfortable but also sporty on the inside, through the large windows you can clearly see what is happening around you. Compared to the MK1, a lot of progress has been made, especially when it comes to seating space.”

We will stay with the coupe for a while, which has four seats. “The seats in the back are actually for decoration,” writes an owner, “two people can sit on the back seat with a maximum height of 1.50 meters. The trunk is spacious for a coupe and there is plenty of room for luggage. I can easily take my racing bike with me after folding down the back seat.”

The back seat is not only used for bicycles; riders also really use it for their offspring. They also notice that the new TT is more practical than its predecessor. “The extensive equipment and better storage options are much appreciated during daily use, with mature map pockets in doors and real cup holders (€40 extra charge). The back seat seems a bit larger so that my two small children just fit.”

It is hoped that his children do not grow too quickly, as is the case with another rider. “The back seat is very small and is starting to become difficult now that the kids (and their friends) are growing in number and size,” he notes. It has far-reaching consequences: “We will be looking for a replacement for the TT.”

And what about?

The second generation Audi TT is relatively practical, but is it still possible to hold the seats? The owner of a TT Roadster 2.0 TDI(!) thinks so. “The seats are really good. Even after a journey of more than 8 hours, I still get out relaxed. A very nice bonus, because I have already cursed many cars because of this aspect.”

A TTS Coupé driver is more critical of his car. “In the beginning I really complained about the seating position and the hard seats that I didn’t feel comfortable in. I thought it was because the seats in the TT had leather and simply had harder padding than in my previous VW Scirocco. So this wasn’t it. The chairs simply had to be in place.” Even after this rider has come to terms with the furniture, one point of criticism remains. “Sitting position is not fantastic, I have to bend in a little with my left knee to sit properly. A small imperfection in an otherwise almost perfect car (for me).”

Even taller riders are pleased with the seating comfort. “The chairs are comfortable, even with my height (1.90 meters), and there are plenty of options to optimally adjust the seat.” Unfortunately, there is a major dissonance. “I sold the car three months ago due to persistent pain; In the end I couldn’t find a good attitude in it.”

Maintenance, malfunctions and annoyances

Two drivers report a broken window regulator, in a coupe this broke down after only 35,000 kilometers. “Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s warranty had expired four months earlier. However, the dealer has only charged part of the costs out of goodwill,” reports the owner. Another rider experienced another complaint after approximately the same number of kilometers. “Fuel pump rotten, absurd of course within 5 years and less than 40,000 kilometers. I replaced it with a reinforced one from the TT RS, although it is difficult to reach, it is plug and play.”

A used car buyer is rightly curious about the oil consumption of his 1.8 TFSI, because this engine has a reputation in that area. “We now have clarity about oil consumption, approximately 1 liter per 5,000 km. Not worrying,” he writes. “What is annoying is a message that appears for a broken rear light, which is not broken. Appears to be a TT problem where the ground cable has insufficient grounding.” And a little later: “At mileage 94,500 suddenly irregular idling and a screeching noise, but full power when accelerating! But no error message.” The solution? “The pressure control crankcase ventilation, which replaces Audi at €179.50. This caused the somewhat irregular idling. He is now walking as usual again.”

The second generation Audi TT may have been toned down somewhat in terms of design, but according to owners it is considerably more usable than the original and it also drives more maturely. It turns out that a reused tea bag can be good for a tasty result.

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