Sleep properly – Why the body needs rest

Sometimes research is at a dead end: all the hypotheses that could be formulated from the existing evidence about an unexplained problem have been tested – but no really new findings have been discovered. What can you do in such cases? About 20 years ago, sleep research seemed to be in exactly this dilemma. The… more

Sleep is considered the most important method for regenerating the body and mind. Too little sleep or poor sleep hygiene have negative influences on the ability to learn and concentrate. Physically this is reflected in reduced reaction times, mentally in a lack of creativity and reduced concentration. In different… more

Does blue light actually disrupt our sleep more than yellow? A study now suggests that the perceived color of light is less important than thought… more

If we haven’t slept enough, we experience fewer positive emotions, worry more and feel more anxious, a meta-study shows… more

Reindeer are multitaskers. They can sleep and digest their food at the same time. By taking deep sleep-like naps, the animals save time and can eat more winter fat… more

During the breeding season, chinstrap penguins sleep for a few seconds thousands of times a day, a study shows. This means they can constantly protect their clutches from predators and disturbing conspecifics… more

Researchers have developed and successfully tested a swallowable capsule that can detect pauses in breathing from the digestive tract with little effort… more

Many people sleep poorly. Digital technology promises to help. But what can the devices do – and what not?… more

People from African hunter-gatherer cultures dream differently than people from industrialized countries, a study shows. Accordingly, dreams have different emotional functions depending on the cultural environment… more

Using a deep sleep stimulation technique, researchers have shown how the cardiovascular system benefits from a healthy slumber. The technology could also be used medically… more

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