Apple secretly blocks data-collecting apps with latest update

The next iPhone update will add a new feature that will stop app developers from secretly tracking users. iOS 14.5 focuses on privacy and is expected soon.

iOS 14.5 focuses on privacy: anti-tracking on the way

This is evident from report 9to5Mac. The website has received messages from developers who have to adjust their apps, otherwise they will be removed from the App Store. The reason? They use a secret method to track iPhone users that is not allowed by Apple.

It is about ‘device fingerprinting’. Thanks to this technique, advertisers and app developers can follow you over the internet using a unique code. That way people learn more about your shopping behavior and that information is lucrative.

The ‘affected’ app developers engaged a third party to keep track of individual user data. That goes against Apple’s guidelines. Since April 1, 2021, apps must indicate via the App Store what data they collect, and why. It is not allowed to outsource this to a third party, because Apple cannot keep an overview.

Update is coming

The new privacy feature will be added with iOS 14.5 for all iPhone users. Currently this software version is still in beta. As a result, only app developers can get started with it for the time being. It is therefore not surprising that they are the first to notice the new position.

IOS 14.5 is expected to roll out soon. The new software update not only focuses on privacy, but also adds 217 new emoji. In addition, from iOS 14.5 you can use Face ID (face recognition) when you wear a mouth mask. In the article below, we’ll update you on all the new features of iOS 14.5.

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Apple and privacy

Apple has been sailing a solid privacy course in recent years. The company is therefore in conflict with Facebook, among other things. The social network believes that Apple’s privacy controls will be detrimental to small business owners.

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