Lada Niva Vision: preview of the new Niva

Groupe Renault announced deep reforms earlier today. Renault, Alpine and Dacia have already highlighted part of their future portfolio and this time it is Lada that is releasing an interesting vision for the future.

Lada recently changed the Niva range. Because parent company Avtovaz recently bought out the American General Motors from a joint venture, the Chevrolet Niva, previously designated as Lada Niva successor, came under the Lada flag. That car was immediately facelifted and given a new name: Lada Niva Travel. Lada’s time-honored angular all-rounder was brought back to the Niva family by renaming the model. The Lada ‘4×4’ became the Niva Legend last week. This new name cannot disguise the fact that the car with the year of birth 1977 is quite archaic. With this Niva Vision, Lada shows how a completely new Niva could possibly be designed.

Lada Niva Travel

Lada Niva Travel

Lada says it will have launched no fewer than four completely new cars by 2025. This finally includes a successor to the primal Niva. The new Niva will appear on the scene in 2024, until then Lada will continue to supply the already mentioned Niva Travel and Niva Legend. In any case, the sketch of the Niva Vision indicates that the new Niva is interspersed with influences from the original model. For example, we see a wide black panel that, together with the direction indicators placed high in the nose, determines the front view.

Lada Niva Legend

Lada Niva Legend

Lada has been merged with Dacia into a new industry within Groupe Renault. Synergy between these two brands should make it possible for these two budget brands to use a version of Renault’s CMF-B platform on a large scale. In addition, Lada, like Dacia, will eventually come up with a brand new car in the C-segment. Whether this will see a modern interpretation or spiritual successor to the Niva series or a new SUV is not yet clear.

It is not the first time that Lada gives a preview of a new Niva. In 2018, Lada conjured up the 4×4 Vision during the Moscow International Auto Show. You no longer have to remember that concept car, as the new Niva Vision is the new Niva vision of the future.

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