Large companies: ‘All lease cars will be emission-free by 2025’

A considerable number of large Dutch companies and a number of large municipalities want all new lease cars to be emission-free by 2025. This would make the business vehicle fleet ahead of the Climate Agreement and the EU target.

All new cars for the business market must run on electricity or hydrogen from 2025. A coalition of various large companies and industry organizations is advocating this, including ABN AMRO, Shell, LeasePlan, Philips, various energy companies and the Dutch Association for Sustainable Energy (NVDE). The municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Schiphol and Natuur&Milieu also support the plea, which is aimed at the forming political parties. A clear standard is ‘essential’ according to the organizations and companies. “Achieving the climate goals will require significant growth in the number of zero-emission vehicles in the fleet,” they said in a statement. The authors of the plea would like to see the 2025 deadline included in the coalition agreement.

The rest in 2030

They believe that all new passenger cars that appear on the Dutch market should be emission-free by 2030 at the latest. This wish is in line with the Dutch Climate Agreement, but as far as companies and organizations are concerned, it must also be included in the coalition agreement. It would go one step further than the European Union’s target, which sets the deadline at 2035.

The authors of the plea point out that more than 55 percent of new passenger cars are intended for the business market. They also assume that it will be beneficial for them to switch en masse to electric or hydrogen cars. The total costs of zero-emission cars are falling sharply. “This is partly due to rapidly falling battery prices and the fact that energy and maintenance costs are much lower than with combustion engine cars.” LeasePlan recently calculated that fully electric lease cars would already be cheaper than conventionally powered lease cars.

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