Mercedes-Benz S560e

Not every company can or wants to drive 100 percent electric cars. But if the DGA also has to come forward responsibly, he or she can do that with a hybrid. With or without a plug, as we see with the Mercedes-Benz S560e.

It is sometimes quite complicated for car manufacturers to combine driving pleasure with the least possible environmental impact. In other words, low emissions of harmful substances while driving. Cars in the top segment have a number of significant disadvantages. They are big and heavy, and riders expect their limo to deliver performance that surpasses smaller models. The Germans call it Überholprestige so beautiful. With a large engine under the long hood, it is no problem to make the car smooth enough, but the associated drinking behavior is inevitable.

Electrification is the magic word. An electric motor does not emit anything and if you can make it cooperate to a greater or lesser extent, the fuel consumption will drop automatically. Each brand has its own strategy. The Mercedes S560e is a plug-in hybrid, which means that it has a fairly large battery on board and can therefore even drive a long way in full electric after charging. The S-class V6 produces 367 hp and the electric motor produces 122 hp. Together they can deliver a power of 476 hp, which is of course enough to keep many people at a distance on a free autobahn. The choice for a V6 is striking, because the S450 has a six-cylinder in-line engine. But it is because of the more compact construction that Mercedes chose a V6 for the plug-in hybrid (which they call EQ Power).

The Mercedes S-class has been around for a while and you can see that in the interior, which no longer has the high-tech wow factor that it undoubtedly had when the car first came out. All models have now been given almost the same layout and functionalities. The Mercedes has an almost dull interior. The dashboard is quite logical and can be operated intuitively. Although, that electric seat adjustment in the doors, something Mercedes likes to hold on to, has a certain illogic. The best thing is the seat adjustment on the seat. On the other hand, you buy the car, adjust the seat and store your favorite position in the memory. How often do you still set it up? The Mercedes steering wheel has many functions and the two black squares are special. With the right Fingerspitzengefühl you can operate all functions of the display behind the wheel with the left hand side and the functions of the large display in the center console with the right hand side. And it has to be said, these tiny touchpads work great. The multimedia system can also be operated via a touch screen and with a rotary push button. Under the four air vents there are another kind of piano keys for the essential functions of the climate control.

PerfectingThe car also has the option of perfecting and simplifying the climate control to perfection. In the S-class you will find a program that sets the right atmosphere with – literally – smells and colors. For example, with a massage, uplifting music and red interior lighting you will be boosted when that long drive gets a bit boring. It is also good to sit in the back of the Mercedes-Benz. Our test car has a regular fixed rear seat, but you can order a seat system. A must if you like to be ridden, we would say. The powertrain of the S560e is very refined. This is largely because the nine-speed automatic transmission delivers sublime work. Without you noticing, it chooses the right gear and ensures that the noise level of the engine is kept within limits when accelerating. You can also drive the S560e fully electrically. In practice, a full battery will take you about 35 to 40 kilometers, depending on your speed. Contemporary as the Benz is, there are the necessary driver assistance systems on board to make things as easy as possible for the driver. For example, the S-class lets you change lanes by only indicating direction and giving a small push with the steering wheel. The rest of the action will then proceed automatically. Mercedes-Benz states in its price list – a long book – a starting price of € 120,060. And then you can indulge yourself and tick dozens of options. Are you short on time? Do what the importer did, order only the Grand Edition package. It costs less than $ 10,000 and includes extras that would cost about $ 30,000 independently. From AMG line interior and exterior, to driver assistance, sunroof, Burmester audio system and a few other things.

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