Mercedes will resume German production this month

Now that in various countries in Europe there seems to be a bit more space to resume certain activities, work is being started in various places to resume car production. This is also the case in Germany, where Mercedes-Benz hopes to be able to continue this month in various factories.

Although the corona crisis has only just begun, robust measures seem to reduce the spread of the virus in several countries. This is also the case in Germany, but just like here, normal life seems to be far away for the time being. Nevertheless, it is planned there to relax certain measures towards the end of the month. Mercedes is responding to this and plans to give various factories a fresh green light by 20 April.

The engine factories in Germany as well as the car factories in the towns of Bremen and Sindelfingen will be restarted slowly from 20 April. In a statement, parent company Daimler says that in any case until April 30, even shorter shifts will be used than usual. Naturally, factories will undoubtedly take into account issues such as distance between workers, extra hygiene and other protective measures.

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