New Opel Mokka X gets electric drive

Will be presented this year

Opel Experimental X Concept

Opel Experimental X Concept

Opel will unveil the second generation of the Mokka X this year. The SUV also comes in a fully electric version.

Opel is making great strides with the electrification of its range. The next electric model is the Mokka X, the brand announces. The new model of the SUV will be presented this year and immediately as an electric car. The model probably uses the technology from the Corsa-e, which means that a 100 kW (136) hp electric motor will be used. The battery pack is 50 kWh in the Corsa, but perhaps the Mokka will get a more powerful battery.

Like the other SUV models, the new generation of the Mokka X uses technology from parent company PSA. The engines also come from there, so in addition to the electric version, at least count on the 1.2 turbo engine, which is offered in different power versions. The 1.5 CDTi diesel version is probably also present.

Whether Opel will also offer a plug-in hybrid version is not yet known. The current Mokka is available with four-wheel drive, but the new platform is not suitable for that. By placing the electric motor at the rear axle in a hybrid model, four wheels can still be driven. Opel already applies that technology in the Grandland X.

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