Nissan is considering Z SUV

Nissan recently unveiled the Z Proto, a pretty production-ready preview of the brand’s new sports car. As we see it more often nowadays, following the new Z is being considered to print the sporty badge on more models.

Various brands have already shown that there is no hesitation in sticking names of coupes or sporty models on SUVs. Consider, for example, the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. Nissan could well join that list. The Z badge on an SUV? A crossover inspired by the Z Proto? Don’t think it inconceivable. Opposite Caradvice Nissan’s CEO of Global Product Planning, Ivan Espinosa, hinted that it is on the table: “We always investigate things like this, there is temptation. It’s interesting to look at such possibilities, so we always do. Z has so much potential. for all kinds of ‘wild’ things. “

Without getting too concrete, Espinosa makes it known that Nissan is considering a Z SUV. He sees no major problems to stick the badge on an SUV, despite the often less sporty character of the high-legged ones. However, he says driving a sporty SUV will never be the same as driving a low sports coupé: “It can still be a cool experience, but to really experience a sporty car, you have to sit low.”

If it really does come that far, it is probably still a long way off. In Nissan’s fairly recent look at the brand’s near future, the Z Proto already shone, but a ‘Z SUV’ is nowhere to be seen.

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