The best Christmas apps

christmas apps

The holidays are just around the corner and since we are all in a lockdown during the holidays, we could use some entertainment. Fortunately, our smartphone comes to the rescue on these occasions and so we have selected the best Christmas apps for you to get and stay in the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Sweeper 3

We will all have time to spare this holiday season, with all family visits disappearing. Hence, you have more than enough time to get addicted to Christmas Sweeper 3: the Christmas version of Candy Crush. Of course, the app has a cheerful and cute look with matching Christmas music.

christmas apps


About Christmas music: you can’t live without it. On Spotify you will find Christmas music for every mood. Whether you like the classic Christmas music or prefer to sing along to Christmas pop songs. There is a playlist for every mood. For those who do not have a Spotify account but would like to enjoy the Christmas classics: Sky Radio has its own app and plays all your favorite Christmas music up to and including the last Christmas minute.

Lily’s Garden

Looking for some variety from Christmas Sweeper 3? Then give it a try Lily’s Garden. In this app you play together with Lily, who is ready for a big change in her life. She moves into a gigantic old house in the mountains that she inherited from her aunt. However, this house is in dire need of updating and that is up to you! That means that you can decorate the house in full Christmas ornament if you want! By completing Candy Crush-like levels, you earn coins for decorations and repairs to the house!

christmas apps


Unfortunately, we will now have to go through the holidays without our family and friends. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy Christmas movies or Christmas music together. If everyone who wants to participate downloads the Rave app, you can listen to music together, watch YouTube videos or watch Netflix together. The video starts for everyone at the same time, so in the chat or via voice messages you can simply respond to what is happening.


Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper

Get the ultimate Christmas cheer on your phone Christmas Fireplace Live Wallpaper to download! This moving background shows a cozy fireplace with beautiful Christmas decorations around it. You can even set the sound of crackling fire or Christmas music.

christmas apps


We can all use a laugh right now. ElfYourself is the ideal solution for that. Finally: who wouldn’t want to see themselves as a dangling dancing elf? To get started elving yourself, you must first have or take a good photo of your face. Then you choose one of the free Christmas dances that your elf can do. You can share the video with friends and family so that they have a laugh too!

christmas apps

House party

Another app to play a game with your friends or family is Houseparty. You invite people via Facebook, a shareable link or via their phone number. Then create an enclosed space. In this area you can choose between different games such as Heads Up !, Trivia, Chips and Guac and Quick Draw !. You get a mix of ‘who is it’, trivial and hints, as it were.



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