This is how far the Mini Electric comes in practice

The Mini Electric accounts for a third of all three-door Mini sales. But how far can you actually get with a fully charged Mini Electric? We have tested the car several times, under different conditions, and that provides a good idea of ​​how far you can get on a battery charge. We do not only look at the performance of the car in our tests, but also at the reviews of drivers.

The first longer test was in the spring of 2020, at temperatures of around 10 degrees Celsius, when the Mini Electric scored a consumption of 13.9 kWh per 100 kilometers. That’s neat, because roughly everything that comes out at 15 kWh/100km and lower can be labeled as economical for an EV. That value equates to a range of 205 kilometers. A distance that we never achieved with the endurance tester, the Mini Electric that we started using in October 2020. At temperatures of 10 to 20 degrees, we reached an average of 180 kilometers on a battery charge. In the cold February 2021, the range was 150 kilometers.

What are the users saying?

A range of more than 200 kilometers is certainly possible with the necessary self-control. The writer of this review confirms this, who reached the 215 kilometers on a September day. In addition, he notes that the car was 90 percent in the Green + mode, with air conditioning being sidelined and the zest for life of the 184 hp electric motor has been suppressed. Another reviewer who keeps track of his experiences had an average consumption of 16.3 kWh per 100 kilometers over 1,200 kilometers in early spring 2021. That equates to a range of 177 kilometers, based on 28.9 kWh usability of the 33 kWh battery pack.

Are you a Mini Electric driver doing better? Be sure to write a review here!

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