Toyota Aygo is Occasion of the Year 2020

Consumers want experience and security

Toyota Aygo 2018

Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo has been named Occasion of the Year 2020. What is special is that search and purchase criteria of car buyers were used to arrive at the winner.

The Toyota Aygo was consistently in the top 5 of Occasion of the Year for the last 5 years. This year the city car was declared the winner. It is ‘a car that makes consumers happy’, says jury chairman Remco Nieuwenbroek, also editor-in-chief of the magazine Automotive Management that awards the prize annually.

What is special is that nowadays the jury itself no longer sets the criteria that the prize-winning model must meet. Instead, the criteria used reflect the requirements that consumers search for online and that are decisive in the final purchase or private lease.

Toyota Aygo 2018

Toyota Aygo

The data used shows that the lowest purchase price is not always the most important purchase argument. Criteria such as image, experience and guarantee / certainty appear to be more important for private drivers. With its distinctive appearance and fully customizable exterior and interior, the Toyota Aygo stands out among the popular, compact cars. The Aygo was voted the most reliable car in 2019 by the Consumers’ Association this summer.

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