TU Eindhoven: electric cars cleaner than expected

Eindhoven University of Technology has completed a new study into electric cars and their CO2 emissions during their life cycle. According to the university, EVs appear to last longer and emit less CO2 than previously thought.

Ever since electric cars increasingly determine the street scene, there is already a fierce discussion about the environmental friendliness of those cars. There are parties who believe that EVs emit at least as much CO2 than cars with fuel engines. They point to the production of both the battery and the electricity that ultimately power the cars. In Germany there are even reports that a Tesla Model 3 would be more polluting than a Mercedes-Benz C-class on diesel. In order to provide an answer once and for all, TU Eindhoven investigated the German parliament on behalf of the Greens.


To get straight to the point, the people of Eindhoven conclude that electric cars, although fossil fuels are often used for the power required, are relatively cleaner than cars with fuel engines. The NOS reports this on the basis of the investigation. EVs are said to be cleaner because an electric motor uses on average four times less energy than a gasoline engine. In addition, the energy that powers the electric cars is rapidly becoming greener due to European agreements. “This will lead to electric vehicles that emit at least ten times less CO2 than cars that run on petrol, diesel or natural gas,” says Auke Hoekstra, co-author of the report. CO2 out than a Mercedes C-Class. ”


Batteries also last longer than previously thought, according to the new research. In previous studies, it was assumed that an electric car will be used up after 150,000 kilometers, but the new research shows that a car is only written off after at least 250,000 kilometers. Because EVs can last longer, according to this study, this means that they can also compensate for CO2 emissions from manufacturing for longer. The researchers calculated that a Volkswagen e-Golf must travel 28,000 kilometers electrically to neutralize the CO2 that was released during the production of the battery. Hoekstra: “Battery production has become less CO2-intensive very quickly. Several recent studies have shown this.”

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