Upright Go 2 review: a better posture while working from home

The Upright Go 2 is a small device that helps you to adopt a better posture. Ideal for working from home? Read our review now.

Upright Go 2 review

If you sit a lot for work, it is difficult to maintain a good posture throughout the day. Especially now that we work more from home and we do not always do that on the most ergonomically responsible chairs, and behind a desk that is adjusted to the correct height.

The company Upright thinks it has the solution in the form of a wearable. After the Upright Go, the Upright Go 2 has been available for a while now. This is a small device that you stick on your back or wear with a chain, to make you aware of your posture and to correct you where it is needed. Does that work? We have tested the Upright Go 2 for you.

Patches or chain

The Upright Go 2 is a small and light device that you hardly feel on your back. Patches are included in the package, with which you can stick the wearable between your shoulder blades. These patches can be used about ten times before you have to replace them. Nine stickers are included and there is already a sticker on the device itself. So you can go ahead for a while, but after that you have to buy new patches.

Much more convenient is the chain to which you click the Upright Go 2, which hangs around your neck with magnets at the ends. The disadvantage is that you have to purchase this chain separately. Whether that is worthwhile depends on how you want to use the Upright Go 2.

Training and tracking

Two modes can be found in the accompanying app. You can engage training, in which you actively work with your posture. That means that you sit in a good position and adjust it. The Upright Go 2 then vibrates if you deviate too far from the posture.

In the app you will see a puppet that adjusts his posture if you do that too. If you move past a certain point, the figure will turn red and a timer will expire. When the time has passed, the device vibrates. That is a reminder for you to sit or stand upright again.

You can also switch on the tracking mode. In this mode you can basically continue to wear the Upright Go 2 all day long. The device will not vibrate if you have a bad posture, but you can see at the end of the day how many percent of the time you had a wrong posture. You will also receive a notification if you have a bad posture for more than 15 minutes.

Behind the computer

Recently, I used the device every time I sat in front of my computer to work, because this is the time when I have the most trouble maintaining a good posture. The Upright Go 2 definitely helps me to be more aware of my posture and to improve it. Because you immediately get a correction if you do it wrong, you learn a good new habit.

Do you not want to use the device too much, but do you want to train yourself? Then it is enough to achieve your daily training goal. This starts around ten minutes a day, but the training time increases the longer you use the device. When your training plan is ready, the makers recommend that you train for an additional 20 minutes at least three times a week to maintain the new behavior.

Do you want to use the wearable during those short periods, several times a day? Then the patches are inconvenient. Dirt develops quickly, making the adhesive surface less effective. The chain is really recommended.

Conclusion Upright Go 2 review

The Upright Go 2 is a bit on the expensive side for the small application that the device has, but offers a solution for anyone who wants to work on a better posture. Especially now that we work from home a lot. It is a pity that the chain is not included as standard.

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