Volkswagen takes CO2 fine into account

The Volkswagen Group takes into account that it will not achieve the CO2 targets of the European Union this year. It has therefore set aside money for the fine that may follow.

According to the Volkswagen Group, it seems that the CO2 target set by the EU will not be achieved this year. New cars are allowed to emit an average of only 95.7 grams of CO2 per kilometer. The German concern fears that this will not work, even if the average emissions go down by entering a CO2 pool with MG. Automotive News concludes from statements by Volkswagens sales chief Christian Dahlheim. MG scores relatively high here with the fully electric ZS, for which an emission of 0 grams is calculated. However, the sales numbers of MG in the European Union are probably still too marginal to take a substantial bite out of the CO2 emissions of the pool.

According to Volkswagen, it is not yet a foregone conclusion that the target will not be achieved, but it will probably be very tight. The sales of its own ID3 will also significantly reduce the average emissions of the new cars sold by Volkswagen, although that does not seem to be enough. “It will be a difficult race,” said Dalheim. In order to prepare for the potential fine for not achieving the target, the group has set aside “several hundreds of millions of euros”, reports financial top man Frank Witter.

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