Weekly Review: The 5 Best Amazon Tech Deals


The Dutch version of Amazon is a true mecca for tech enthusiasts. The webshop is full of price-friendly gadgets, audiovisual equipment and computer stuff. What are this week’s best tech deals? Amazon changes its prices almost every day, so get started!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (titanium)

Today (14-01-21) there is an attractive offer on Amazon.nl. The luxury titanium version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 now costs less than four hundred euros, while Samsung and many other (web) stores maintain an asking price of 555 euros. The round watch case measures 45 millimeters and is easy to operate via a rotating bezel. With this you navigate through all available apps. The leather strap and stylish dial make it look like you’re wearing a traditional watch. The waterproof Galaxy 3 contains various sensors to monitor your body. For example, this smartwatch measures your heart rate and oxygen level in the blood. In addition, the device monitors sleep quality.

Price: € 385.30

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Titanium

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Mystic Silver)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with a watch case of 41 millimeters is also low priced with a price tag of 227.10 euros today (14-01-21). The vast majority of sales addresses charge a rate of 299 euros. It is the so-called mystic silver version. This version of the Galaxy Watch 3 includes a heart rate monitor and a sensor to monitor oxygen levels in the blood. The waterproof smartwatch is also ideal for training purposes. There are more than 120 training programs available. Conveniently, you can control Spotify playlists directly from your wrist.

Price: € 227.10

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 Mystic Silver

Philips 243V7QDSB / 00

Due to the large number of home workers, there is a great need for good PC monitors. Fortunately, there are good screens available at low cost. For example, the Philips 243V7QDSB / 00 has been in the Amazon.nl bestseller list for some time. This is understandable, because other sales addresses have an asking price of more than one hundred euros. It is a 24 inch IPS panel. This screen technology guarantees excellent viewing angles and a true-to-life color reproduction.

Philips 243V7QDSB-00

Connect the monitor to a laptop or PC via HDMI and enjoy full HD images. Due to high demand, this Philips screen will not be available until February. You can already order the product at an attractive price.
Price: € 89, –

Withings Sleep Analyzer

Are you dissatisfied with your sleep quality and would you like to find out the cause? Then consider this Withings Sleep Analyzer. Slide this mat under your mattress and receive an extensive sleep report on your smartphone in the morning. The Sleep Analyzer recognizes sleep apnea and snoring, among other things. Furthermore, this gadget maps your sleep cycles and the device registers your heart rate. A prerequisite for the exchange of sleep data is that the WiFi coverage in the bedroom is in order. A big advantage of the Sleep Analyzer is that you don’t have to wear anything at night to monitor sleep quality.

Price: from € 129.95 for € 99.95

Withings Sleep Analyzer

Smooce Nintendo Switch Controller

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controllers are quite up for debate due to their quality. Are you looking for a replacement controller for your Nintendo Switch and do you find the official accessories too pricey? This discounted Smooce Nintendo Switch Controller works great with the popular game console. The button layout is almost the same as on the expensive Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, while a double vibration function and gyroscope are integrated. A nice extra is that you can also use this Smooce controller for PC games. You charge the built-in battery via the included USB-C cable.

Price: from € 26.99 for € 22.94

Smooce Nintendo Switch Controller


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