1Password protects your data on the go with new Travel Mode

Just in time for the summer holidays, password manager introduces 1Password Travel Mode. This allows you to keep sensitive data extra safe when you travel. We show you how it works.

1Password Travel Mode protects passwords on the go

The 1Password Travel Mode is mainly a response to stricter border controls. More and more travelers have to unlock their phone during a check, which means a serious invasion of your privacy.

In a blog developer writes AgileBits how the new travel mode works. Before you travel, enter on the 1Password website which passwords, login details and other files from your safe you want to use on vacation.

1Password travel mode

All this information is placed in the new ‘Safe for Travel’ safe. As soon as you leave, turn on travel mode and all other safes will be locked and removed from your devices. As a result, an outsider who gains access to your phone cannot see that you have turned on 1Password Travel Mode. The mode leaves no traces, so it simply looks like you only have one safe.

After you have passed the border and you have arrived at your destination, you can reactivate the other lockers via the website of the password service. Keep in mind that this new feature only works for paying users.

Protect your data with a password manager

1Password, together with apps like LastPass and the Dutch Vaulteq, is a smart way to better secure your online accounts. By coming up with a master password, you can safely store all your login details. The apps also provide suggestions for extra complex new passwords, so that your accounts are more difficult to crack. Also check out our top 5 password apps to secure your online profiles.

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